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The beginning of autumn marked the sixth annual Ćiro recreational cycling event in 2023, which took place as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan.

There’s nothing better than the freedom of exploring new places on a bicycle. Cycling offers people a close-up experience of a place’s history, landscapes, and character in a healthy and active way, while also providing a tourism boost to local businesses. The Ćiro cycling events are exactly that.


Although it was postponed last week due to bad weather, almost 100 participants, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts spent Sunday at the Ćiro recreational cycling event. It once again showed why it remains one of the most beloved sporting events in the tourist season. The goal of the Ćiro recreational cycling events is to showcase the beauty of the Herzegovinian landscape, promote historical and cultural destinations, as well as natural resources, especially the route of the former Ćiro railway, which held significant importance for the population in times past.

Recreation enthusiasts from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Croatia, came to this cycling event, spending a beautiful day cycling in sunny Herzegovina and exploring various cultures and historical destinations on their cycling journey. During the event, cyclists visited the old town of Počitelj, the stećak necropolis of Radimlja, the old town of Vidoški, and took a tour of the city of Stolac, including a tasting of some Stolac delicacies. This cycling event is a small step in promoting cycling tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but as the saying goes, “small steps can make a big difference,” and the Ćiro cycling events have taken six of these steps this year.

Toni Zorić, President of the HerzegovinaBike Association, stated, “When we talk about the Ćiro cycling event, which is held as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan, we must say that in 2023, we had six cycling events that brought together more than a thousand directly involved participants. There was significant media promotion on social networks, and Ćiro once again enjoyed great support from the media, which conveyed positive news. We can freely say that Ćiro was a great success. We promoted the cycling tourism potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina in full.”

“This certainly confirms the great interest of foreign tourists who are increasingly coming to our country to cycle the Ćiro route. They fill social networks with posts of cycling the Ćiro route in Herzegovina, thus further promoting our country. We also see frequent reports by foreign media about the Ćiro route, while an increasing number of tourism agencies include cycling in Herzegovina and the Ćiro route in their offers. That’s what tells us that we’re doing a good job, that’s what fulfills us and gives us momentum,” added Zorić.

Cycling tourism significantly contributes to the economy, especially benefiting small businesses in rural areas. Places that have attracted cyclists by developing excellent routes and facilities have experienced these advantages firsthand. However, it’s not just about the routes. The economic benefits are maximized when cycling becomes part of the overall experience, allowing people to discover and connect with the fascinating historical, cultural, and natural features that make a place unique. This is the mission of the HerzegovinaBike Association. Their website ( provides key information about available cycling routes and a range of cultural, historical destinations in Herzegovina, as well as the gastronomic offerings that the region is known for.

The HerzegovinaBike Association would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the cities and municipalities that have signed the memorandum on the Ćiro route management plan, including Mostar, Stolac, Neum, Trebinje, Ravno, and Bileća. It’s important to note that the Redah Agency played a crucial role in this memorandum between the cities and municipalities along the Ćiro route, and the association is grateful for their close collaboration in realizing the Ćiro cycling events. Finally, thanks to all the sponsors, media, and friends who have in any way helped promote Ćiro and cycling tourism in Herzegovina.

The sixth annual Ćiro recreational cycling event from Počitelj to Stolac was realized with financial support from the City of Stolac, HT Eronet, JP Elektroprivreda HZHB d.d. Mostar, Tourist Board of HNŽ/K, REDAH – Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina, Leda water, and Capriolo SC Mostar, as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan.

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Cycling tourism offers a diverse market. Europe is the largest source market for cycle tourism, and recently Herzegovina is becoming aware of its cycle tourism potential, investing in expanding its cycle tourism offer and promoting the existing one. The demand for this market niche is growing, an increasing number of cycle tourists from all over the world are visiting Herzegovina, with the desire to explore the natural and cultural riches of this still unexplored country. Cycling tourism offers many opportunities, including experience with the local community, cycling tours in rural areas with some new experiences, and with the arrival of e-bikes, new opportunities are opening up.


One of the most attractive cycle tourism offers in Herzegovina is the Ćiro trail, and just today it experienced another big promotion on the section from Hutovo to Neum. Namely, the association HerzegovinaBike, together with the municipality of Neum and the REDAH agency, organized the promotional Ćiro bicycle race. The event, which gathered 130 cyclists from the countries of the region, once again promoted the tourism capacities of Herzegovina, and the cyclists visited Hutovo, and by cycling along the old road through local towns, they reawakened the life that used to breathe here. When the bicycle tour arrived in Neum, it met with great interest and support from the local population, and aroused the interest of many foreign tourists who stayed in Neum, and the guests were also welcomed by the municipal authorities, who prepared a reception at the central location on the waterfront.


“We are extremely happy about the Ćiro cycle path and that Neum is on this map. As a tourist destination, we are aware of the potential behind cycle tourism and we notice an increasing number of guests looking for this active form of tourism, and our task is to follow trends and We are expanding Neum’s tourist offer. That’s why I can freely say that Neum supports cycling and we hope that there will be more and more events like this because they promote a healthy way of life, the cycle tourism offer of Neum, but also the richness of Neum’s hinterland,” commented Dragan Jurković, mayor of Neum municipality.

Upon arriving at the waterfront, the cyclists had lunch and a pleasant swim in the Adriatic Sea.


“Another successfully realized event is behind us and we are extremely happy about it. We are happy because for a very long time we have been investing great efforts in the organization of these events and with each organized event we promote the tourist offer of our country, and the increasing number of cycle tourists we see on the roads of Herzegovina it gives us an additional wind behind us because we know we are doing a good thing. This is the first in a series of Ćiro cycling events that visited Neum and we are happy to be here today and promote our southernmost point and access to the sea,” commented Toni Zorić, president of the HerzegovinaBike association .

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests, the cyclists who came from all over Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, and enjoyed cycling through the regions of Herzegovina and having a pleasant day at the seaside,” added Zorić.


The next Ćiro bicycle race is already waiting for us in the month of July, to be precise on 02.07. on the section from Hutovo to Ravni, and the bicycle race is held in memory of the deceased Nikša Vuletić, the director of Spilja Vjetrenica.

In addition to the Ćiro trail, a cycling event in honor of St. Anti was also held in Herzegovina today, which was organized by the clubs BK Ljubuški and BK Brotnjo, and which gathered more than a hundred cyclists. Cyclists gathered on the town square in Brotnje, and cycled through Međugorje and Ljubuški all the way to the church of St. Ante Padovanski in Humac, where a mass was held for all the participants of the cycling event. Already traditionally, after the mass, the socializing continued at Čeveljuša with Herzegovinian delicacies.


Heregovina is slowly but surely becoming one of the leading European destinations for cycle tourism, and every year it is visited by more than 100,000 tourists who come with the aim of touring the country by bike and enjoying the untouched nature and the network of cycling trails.

And this is normal if we take into account that Herzegovina is located in a privileged location, with impressive mountain ranges, as well as proximity to the sea, a mild climate and many other factors that turn Herzegovina into a perfect environment and a perfect paradise for cycling tourism. The members of the HerzegovinaBike association have been aware of the potential that this country offers for many years, and they promote our cycle tourism paradise with their excellent organizations.


The organizers would like to thank their friends and sponsors who supported the Ćira railway: Neum municipality, HNŽ/K Tourist Board, HT Eronet company, Leda water and Capriolo SC Mostar store.

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Once upon a time, we dreamed of Herzegovina as an excellent cycling destination. Today, you will find a great cycling offer, from cycling along the Ćiro railway from Mostar to Dubrovnik and further towards Trebinje and Herceg Novi, Cycling Rural trails in ŽZH with a length of 2,000 km, to Bike Friendly facilities and much more. However, it all started with the HerzegovinaBike Association and Ćira’s trail, and Herzegovina also hosts major cycling events dedicated to Ćira’s trail. One such event is waiting for us right on Sunday, June 11 – Cycling along Ćira’s railroad Neumsko Zaleđe – when you have the opportunity to visit the southernmost city in Herzegovina with access to the sea – the city of Neum.

Explore the possibilities and offer of Herzegovina by cycling along the Ćira railway and start planning your next unforgettable cycling weekend in Herzegovina today!


And that’s not all, the Ćiro bicycle path will show you the most valued, picturesque and interesting destinations in Herzegovina, starting from the Old Bridge in Mostar to the far-known Walls of Dubrovnik, both monuments under UNESCO protection. But that’s just the beginning! Between these two UNESCO monuments lies so much wealth that it simply cannot fit into the lines of this article, wealth that will leave you breathless and make you think about life in Herzegovina.


This weekend we are traveling to Hutovo, a small place where life used to breathe in full swing, and today only a few residents of this place testify to that life, the walls of the elementary school, the Ćiro station and the railway station that has been in operation since 1901.

The Salt Road that led from Ston to Bosnia passed through Hutovo, the narrow-gauge railroad Gabela – Zelenika also passed through Hutovo until the railroad was abolished on May 30, 1976, today cyclists from all over the world pass through Hutovo, and some of these cyclists this weekend you can be too.


The bike ride starting from Hutovo will take you through picturesque small towns and beautiful landscapes on your way to Neum, a small exotic town bordering the Republic of Croatia.

“If you decide to cycle along the Ćiro railway, you will experience the pleasure and incredible moments that can only be provided by the leading organizers of cycling trips – the team from uduga HerzegovinaBike, which has dedicated its existence to the promotion of cycling tourism in our country. We have added important details that complement our best cycling trips , from superb photos, accompanied by experienced volunteers who have the knowledge to help you at all times, escorted by a van with service, first aid, water and refreshments, to the unforgettable gastronomic experiences that await us in Neum”, say the HerzegovinaBike association.


Regardless of which Ćiro bicycle race you want to visit and which section you want to ride, discover the best cycling destinations in the world with the HerzegovinaBike team. And that we are brave enough to say it to the world, because these statements are confirmed by many famous world media, as well as reviews of cyclists on social networks and numerous blogs.


Interested in participating? You can still apply – HERE.

Need more information? Visit the HerzegovinaBike website (link) or simply go to the Facebook event Ćiro bicyclijada (link) for more information.

The organizers would like to thank their friends and sponsors who supported the Ćira rail bike ride: City of Neum; Tourist Board HNŽ/K; HT Eronet company, LEDA water and Capriolo SC Mostar store.

In any case, on Sunday, June 11, starting at 10:00 a.m., we will start with a bike gathering from Hutov. You are all welcome!

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Udruga „HerzegovinaBike“ najavljuje biciklijadu „Ćirinom prugom Hutovo – Ravno (In Memoriam Nikša Vuletić)“ koja će se održati u Nedelju 14.5.2023. sa početkom u 11:00h ispred područne škole u Hutovu selu. Bitno je kazati da biciklijada nosi ime i organizira se u spomen na nesretno preminulog Nikšu Vuletića, direktora Spilje Vjetrenica.

Biciklijada se realizira uz financijsku potporu Općine Ravno, HT Eronet, Turističke Zajednice HNŽ/K i REDAH – Regionalna razvojna agencija za Hercegovinu, a u cilju promocije „Južne Hercegovine i Uskotračne pruge Ćiro“.

Treća po redu Ćirina biciklijada u 2023 godini vodi nas od Hutova sela do općine Ravno, stazom u dužini od 35km u jednom pravcu, dok ćemo u oba pravca nakupiti ćemo nekih 70km. Staza je potpuno ravna i životopisna sa prelijepim krajolicima i asvaltiranom podlogom, tako da je pogodna za sve vrste bicikala. Kao što smo kazali ovo jedna jako lijepa dionica, gdje srećemo velik broj Ćirinih stanica, vozimo se pored akumulacijskog jezera uz prelijepe prizore na Popovo polje. Biciklijadu završavamo u Općini Ravno, gdje su domaćini priredili okrijepu i ručak za sve sudionike zbog čega su nam i potrebne Vaše prijave kako bi smo znali na koliko ljudi trebamo računnati za obroke. No, to nije sve! Svima Vama koji prije ili poslije ručke poželite posjetiti Spilju Vjetrenica, domaćini su odlučili dati poput i posebne cijene za sve sudionike biciklijade.

Povratak prema Hutovu selu, mjestu starta biciklijade je individualan ili grupni, odnosno po osobnim preferencijama, jer se vraćamo istim putem kojim smo došli.


Biciklijada starta ispred područne škole u Hutovu selu (LINK LOKACIJE), gdje svi sudionici na raspolaganju imaju veliki parking i mogu parkirati svoja vozila, te popiti kavu u lokalnom kafiću prije početka naše biciklijade. Start biciklijade i početak našeg druženja planiran je za 11:00h, a biciklijada ide trasom kuda se u prošlosti kretao Ćiro u dužini 35km od Hutova sela do općine Ravno, odnosno Spilje Vjetrenica za sve one koji odluče posjetiti ovaj veličanstveni spomenik prirode. Bitno je spomenuti da je dionica ravna i nije fizički zahtjevna, a svi sudionici će na raspolaganju imati i kombi vozilo u pratnji u slučaju da im je previše bicikliranja. Također, postoji opcija da kombi vozilo one kojima je 70km previše prebaci od Ravnog do Hutova sela. Sudionici biciklijade će također, na raspolaganju imati 10 volontera, iskusnih biciklista koji će tijekom bicikliranja paziti na sigurnost svih sudionika i pobrinuti za svaku nepredviđenu situaciju, te je ukloniti u najkraćem roku.

Trasa je u cijelim putem asfaltirana podloga na kojoj se može, osim MTB biciklom, voziti i trekking ili cestovnim biciklom. Primjerena je svim biciklistima, pošto su trasa i ritam vožnje lagani i prilagođeni većini.

Svim sudionicima na raspolaganju su volonteri, servisno vozilo, fotografije i video sa biciklijade, te im je osigurano: okrijepa, voda i prva pomoć u servisnom vozilu…


U prošlosti uskotračna pruga sa parnom lokomotivom vozila je od Mostara uzduž rijeke Neretve, kroz Čapljinu, Popovo polje, Ravno, te u mjestu Hum (glavno željezničko čvorište) dijelila se na dvije staze, gdje jedna vodi prema Trebinju Trebinju i dalje ka Bileći i Nikšiću, a drugi krak ka Uskoplju (odnosno Zelenici i Dubrovniku). Bitno je naglasiti da smo u mjestu Uskoplje (2km prije Ivanice) imali još jedno čvorište, gdje jedan krak ide ka Zelenici(Crna Gora), a drugi u Dubrovnik (Hrvatska).

Konstrukcija pruge je počela 1898. i završila 1901 godine. Ćiro je tijekom svog postojanja povezivao mjesta u Hercegovini i donosio im život, a danas je pruga rekonstruirana u biciklističku stazu.

NAPOMENA: Datumi događaja se kreiraju na početku godine i okvirnog su karaktera, te ovise od više aspekata, poput vremenske prognoze, kalendara događaja u okolici idr… U slučaju lošeg vremena biciklijadu ćemo prolongirati i poslati obavijesti svim zainteresiranim sudionicima.
Zahvaljujemo se na razumjevanju.


Biciklijada Ćirinom Prugom Hutovo – Ravno

(In Memoriam Nikša Vuletić)
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  • Kombi u pratnji sa namirnicama
  • Servis u slučaju kvara na biciklu
  • Prva pomoć
  • 10 volontera
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Last weekend, the final conference of the Cross-border Thematic Tourism Destination: Old Narrow Gauge Railway Ćiro II project was held in Ravno. At the final conference, the results achieved during the Ćiro II project in all three countries were presented, a tour of the rest areas on the Ćiro trail arranged within the framework of the project in the area of Ravno municipality was organized. Along with the entire program, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Vjetrenica cave and, of course, socialize with lunch at the Stanica hotel, which has been certified by BFS through this project.
The end of the project is December 31, 2022. and of course, the conclusion of the conference was that we will continue our partnership in future projects and programs.
From the pictures you can see the interest of the participants who came in large numbers despite the bad weather.

More information at the link:

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The historic narrow-gauge railway with a steam locomotive runs from Mostar along the Neretva River, through Čapljina, Popovo polje, Ravno, and near Ivanica, crossing the border with Croatia all the way to Dubrovnik. Construction of the railway began in 1898 and ended in 1901. During its existence, Ćiro connected places in Herzegovina and brought them life, and today the railway has been reconstructed into a bicycle path.

The trail “ĆIRO – World Heritage Trail” promotes cultural and outdoor tourism along the old railway line that connects Mostar, Čapljina, Stolac and Ravno. The project aims to improve the length, quality and visibility of the bicycle path that stretches along the UNESCO protected area, as and open new business opportunities for local manufacturers and service providers. Through authentic stories and facts, the trail aims to expand the tourist offer of Herzegovina, a part of the country rich in cultural, historical and religious heritage. ĆIRO – World Heritage Trail is a project that develops a tourist offer that will introduce visitors to various historical sights.


The trail starts in Čapljina, where a visit to the Old Town of Počitelje is a must, which in the past was the main stronghold in the defense against the Turks in Počitelje. This fortress was built by King Tvrtko in 1383, and had a strategic role in controlling the road to the sea through the Neretva river valley. Today, the historic town of Počitelj, built under the fortress, has an oriental appearance and as such is fully in the function of tourism and cultural events.

After visiting Počitelje, we continue cycling through local villages, mostly on asphalted sections, although the path includes a couple of macadam sections that can be bypassed, so that you ride on an asphalted surface the whole time. However, it is best to ride the track with a Gravel bike, so that you can visit all the beauties of the rural part of Herzegovina and get to know the life of the local people.
The trail includes ascents and descents, so you will have to exert some strength until you reach the town of Stolac and the stećak necropolis of Radimlja.

Stećak Necropolis Radimlja is the most famous site of stećaks, medieval tombstones, in Herzegovina. It is located 3 kilometers west of Stolac, along the road Stolac – Čapljina, in the locality of Vidovo polje, next to the village of Poprati. The necropolis is one of the most valuable monuments of the medieval period in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The characteristics that highlight its value are: the number of examples, the variety and representation of all basic forms, the relatively high artistic quality of the workmanship, the wealth of plastic decorations, relief representations and inscriptions that mention historical figures, as well as its very availability and location.

After visiting the stećak necropolis of Radimlje, we continue cycling towards the town of Stolac, where we can drink local coffee together with a cake called “Smokvara”. Otherwise, it is something mandatory for all local cyclists who pass through Stolac on their rides. After coffee and cake, we continue with tours of historical sights, and this time we go to the Old Town of Vidoški.

The old town of Križevac is located on a hill above the present-day center of Stolac and is a defense facility that, in terms of its size, is one of the largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the XVII. century, the city had 13 towers and was the best fortified city in Herzegovina. The old town is located on a conical limestone hill, whose western slope towards Zagrad is called Šetnica, the northern towards the present-day center of the city is called Carinska strana, and the eastern slope towards Uzinović is called Križevac. It is certainly important to mention here the proximity of the town of Daorson, which is located about 5 km away from Stolac and is worth a visit, but the road leading to this locality is quite demanding with big climbs. Daorson (Greek: ΔΑΟΡΣΩΝ) was the capital of the Hellenized Illyrian tribe of Daors who lived from 300 to 50 BC in the valley of the Neretva River. The remains of this once strongest city in the wider area are located in Ošanjići, near Stolac in Herzegovina. It consisted of three units, the central one of which was the fortress – the acropolis, which was surrounded by “cyclopean” walls made of huge stone blocks (similar to those in Mycenae, Greece).

After visiting this medieval fortress, we continue our journey towards the necropolis of the stećak Boljuni, located some 12 km south of Stolac towards Neum. There you can expect some climbs on an asphalt road that may seem demanding, but don’t be discouraged, the trail is not that difficult.

The Necropolis of Stećak Boljuni is located in Boljuni, 12 kilometers southwest of Stolac. 269 stećaks have been preserved in the necropolis, in two groups. According to the forms, the most are chests – 176, then slabs – 76, then gables – 12 and 3 crosses. Of the total number, 92 stećaks (34%) are decorated. And while the Radimlja necropolis stands out for its wealth, variety and high quality of relief motifs, the Boljuni necropolis stands out for its large number of inscriptions – 19 (7%), which is the number of inscriptions on the first place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most common decoration on Boljuna stećci is a cross, followed by a bent vine with a trefoil (the motif is characteristic for the whole of Herzegovina, and it appears quite often here), a shield with a sword, as well as rosettes, then various borders, a crescent moon, scenes of hunting, tournaments, chariots etc.

After visiting this location, the Ćiro World Heritage Trail leads you further along the old road towards Neum, which, after the construction of the new and fast Neum-Stolac road, is now ideal for cyclists. This road takes you to the village of Hutovo, where you rejoin the original Ćiro path Mostar – Dubrovnik. Driving along this path, you reach the town of Ravno, where we definitely recommend a visit to the must-see Vjetrenica Cave.

If you want to continue your journey and continue to enjoy the nna Ćiro trail, the journey will take you to the beautiful tourist town of Trebinje, or you may turn towards Dubrovnik and continue towards Montenegro and the city of Herceg novi. And yes, you can go around all this by driving the Ćiro trail.

Welcome. 🤗




  1. MTB Bike – 15,00 €
  2. E-MTB Bike – 25,00 €


☎️ +387 63 400 260 (Viber & WhatsApp avalilable)


Although the trail takes us through populated areas, we recommend taking sufficient amounts of water with you on the ride, especially on summer days. The section is mostly asphalted, but it also includes some macadam sections, so it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tool for patching inner tires. Due to the length of the tour, it is recommended to inform family or friends about your cycling plans before going on the ride.
A helmet is mandatory!

DOWNNLOAD: GPX Track Road Trail

DOWNLOAD: GPX Track Gravel Trail

TRAIL MAP: Ciro World Heritage Road Trail


TRAIL MAP: Ciro World Heritage Gravel Trail

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:30 a.m., City Hall of the City of Mostar

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., City Administration of the City of Trebinje

REDAH announces the presentation of the results of the project “Development of the ĆIRO Cycling Route Management Plan”, which is being carried out within the framework of the EU4Business project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and which is co-financed by the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

After the presentation of the results, a ceremonial signing of the Agreement on cooperation on the maintenance, management and promotion of the ĆIRO cycling route will be organized in both cities. The agreement will be signed by the mayors of Herzegovinian municipalities and cities that gravitate along the ĆIRO route.

The development of a document that will provide guidelines and mechanisms for the management of the Ćiro cycling route in a systematic, coordinated and planned manner, and will ensure its functionality and sustainability and be one of the generators of tourism development in the entire area.

The document clearly defines the strategic directions of development, necessary resources, responsibilities in the implementation of various measures/activities/programs. This will ensure a gradual, mutually coordinated, and thus long-term sustainable development of Ćiro in the entire project area, which will lead to increased competitiveness and more significant tourist activities in all of Herzegovina.

The leading implementer of the project is the Association for Economic Development REDAH, which during June and July 2022, in cooperation with the Herzegovina Bike Association, by holding four interactive workshops with key actors from the public, private and non-governmental sectors from the area of Herzegovina, successfully developed Management plan.

Agenda in both cities:

  • Welcome speeches

(Representatives of the host cities, GiZ, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the RS)

  • Presentation of the ĆIRO cycling route management plan
  • Statements for the media

EU4Business, with the aim of strengthening the BiH economy, encourages the development of entrepreneurship, export-oriented sectors, tourism and agriculture, as well as rural development. EU4Business is financed by the European Union with 15 million euros and the Federal Republic of Germany with 1.1 million euros. EU4Business is jointly implemented by GIZ, ILO and UNDP. For more information about the EU4Business project, visit: .

For more information about the project, please contact:

Ivica Sivrić, Director of the Association for Economic Development REDAH

Contact phone: 063 295 766


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The historic narrow gauge railway with a steam locomotive runs from Mostar along the Neretva River, through Čapljina, Popovo polje, Ravno, and near Ivanica, crossing the border with Croatia all the way to Dubrovnik. The construction of the railway began in 1898 and ended in 1901. During its existence, Ćiro connected places in Herzegovina and brought them life, and today the railway has been reconstructed into a bicycle path.

The Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which ruled the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, built a network of narrow gauge railways (0.76 m wide). It built railways primarily as strategic military facilities and they connected the southern Adriatic ports with hinterland cities and Central Europe. The railways in Herzegovina were built as part of the Southern Railway, and the first section of the railway from Metković to Mostar, 42.4 km long , was released on the market on June 13, 1885. while the railway from Gabela to Zelenika in the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro), 155.5 km long, with branches from Hum to Trebinje (16.7 km) and Uskoplje to Gruž in Dubrovnik in the Republic of Croatia (16.5 km) , put into operation in 1901. The narrow gauge railway served the people, connecting countries, regions, peoples and cultures. To the peoples of these areas, they were railways of salvation, enabled them a better life and overall progress, and left a trace of civilization in the places through which Ciro drove, roared, beat, whistled and let off steam for decades. trains pulled by soot steamers were called gemišteri (mixed trains), šnelcug (high-speed trains) and personal (passenger trains). The nickname Ćiro was imposed just before the abolition of narrow-gauge railways, but it remains recognizable to the people even today.

The narrow gauge railway or the Gabela – Zelenika narrow gauge railway was abolished in 1976. During its existence, the narrow-gauge railway changed five state arrangements.


Cycling starts in Mostar, where a visit to the Old Bridge is unavoidable, where you can drink Bosnian coffee or even have breakfast with a beautiful view of the Old Bridge.

After visiting the Old Town of Mostar, we cycle towards Blagaj, where we actually descend from the original Ćira route, but Blagaj is a beautiful destination to visit and therefore we have included it in our section. After visiting Blagaj, we cycle along beautiful sections through local villages along the river Buna all the way to the place where the Buna flows into the Neretva, when we return to Ćira’s railway. Here we continue to cycle along the right bank of the Neretva River through local villages where traffic is almost non-existent all the way to Čapljina where we have a separation on the left over the bridge to visit Hutovo blato and Počitelj, two beautiful destinations that we definitely recommend and consider a must visit.
Please note, these two destinations are not listed in the GPX route offered below in this article and we encourage you to contact us via email for directions.


After visiting Hutovo blato and Počitelj, we return to Čapljina on the original Ćira trail and drive further towards Dračevo, but on the way out of Čapljina we recommend that you stop in Mogorjelo (Roman VIlla Rustica) and visit this historical destination. From the village of Dracevo we have two options, one is to continue on the asphalt section (if you travel with a road bike), and the other is to turn right and descend to the macadam, which is the original Cirina route (recommended if traveling with a Gravel or MTB bike). The first road section has an ascent that is not too difficult, and again in the village of Hutovo you join the Ćira railway. The second macadam section is one of the most beautiful sections and will surely leave you breathless while cycling along it with a view of the beautiful Svitavsko Lake that stretches to the left. Also, this section includes crossing the Aiffel Bridge, as well as passing through 10 tunnels that are unlit, so we recommend that you bring a flashlight with you. Also, on this macadam section, which is 18 km long, we do not have sources of drinking water, so we recommend that you buy enough water in the local store located in the village of Dračevo, and before entering the macadam.

After the macadam section, we enter the village of Hutovo, from where there is asphalt all the way to Dubrovnik, except for a short macadam part in Ravno, where we again have two asphalt / macadam options to choose from. The section from Hutovo selo to ravno takes us through local villages, most of which are abandoned today, and the rest of the population that lives there is engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture. Arriving in Ravno, we recommend a tour of the Motel Stanica, where it used to be the station of Ćirina pruga, and today it has been renovated into a Motel and a restaurant. Here you can refresh yourself and have a coffee. After coffee we continue towards Zavala where you can visit the Zavala Monastery, Vjetrenica Cave or have lunch at the Zavala Inn, which is another Ćira station that has been renovated into a private motel / restaurant.

From Zavala we continue along the asphalt section and local villages that are mostly abandoned, cycling with a beautiful view of Popovo field all the way to the village of Hum where was the largest Ćira station. At this place we have a separation to the left towards the City of Trebinje and to the right towards Dubrovnik. Although our GPX record takes us further towards Dubrovnik, we definitely recommend a tour of Trebinje, a beautiful tourist town known for its local cuisine and wine cellars. If you decide to tour Trebinje, we recommend that you contact us for directions.


From Hum to Dubrovnik we drive along a path that does not include local villages and is quite deserted all the way to Ivanica, where the border with the Republic of Croatia is located. After crossing the border, there is a descent to Dubrovnik, a destination that is again special and that deserves to take a day / two to spend the night to visit this beautiful tourist / historical city. We end our journey in Dubrovnik. If you have a lot of 157km to cycle in one day, on our site you can find BikeFriendly facilities where you can spend the night or have lunch.




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  2. E-MTB Bike – 25,00 €


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Although the trail mostly takes us through populated areas, on the section from Dračevo to Hutova selo you drive through an uninhabited area without drinking water, so we recommend that you supply a larger amount of water in a local store in Dračevo. This is especially important on summer days. On the macadam section, there is a sharp stone and the possibility of thorns in some parts, so it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tool for patching inner tires. Due to the length of the tour, it is recommended to inform family or friends about cycling plans before going for a ride.
Helmet mandatory!





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We believe that you are familiar with the fact that this is not about the real Ćiri who roared on the mentioned section, but about cyclists (Ćira’s friends) who are organizing another bicycle caravan, an event that serves to promote Ćira’s bike path and tourist capacities of southern Herzegovina.

The Association for the Promotion of Cycling “HerzegovinaBike” and the Cycling Club Mostar are once again organizing a promotional cycling race on the section from Mostar to Čapljina. Namely, although at the beginning of last year this promotional bicycle race was not held due to the cancellation of all events due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the organizers hope that this year on Sunday they could have a nice gathering and event promoting Herzegovina, active tourism and tourist capacities of Herzegovina.

“Spring is here with us, so the time has come for the cycling race on the Ćira railway to start from Mostar and end in Čapljina. We hope that this year we will be able to hold this event, of course with physical distance and adherence to all epidemiological measures and recommendations.” say the organizers.

It should be noted that in recent years this cycling race has recorded a record number of 200 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia who cycled on a 40 km long section visited Blagaj, Buna, Počitelj and Čapljina, as well as all their historical and cultural sights.

“The plan is the same as in previous years, we want to present to our guests in the best possible light all the cultural and historical sights that Ćira’s route has to offer on the mentioned section. We are sure that we will not have guests from the region, but we believe that our friends from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina will visit Herzegovina on this don and enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air and pleasant company. Of course, this year we have our cycling guides who will be the leaders of this bike ride and present to our guests all the destinations we visit on our trip, and thus further educate ourselves to meet all the conditions to get a cycling guide license from the Cycling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. ” commented Toni Zorić, president of this association.

“This year we will drive the inevitable Old Bridge in Mostar, and visit Blagaj and the source of the river Buna, we will pass by the Monastery in Žitomislići, Hutova blata, we will visit the old town of Počitelj and once again end our journey in Čapljina. which is definitely worth visiting, and the trail we ride is one of the most beautiful trails in Herzegovina, so this is an event that is definitely worth participating in, “said the organizers.

Gathering and departure is on Sunday, April 18, 2021. starting at 10:00 am in front of the home of Herceg Stjepan Kočač on the square of Croatian greats (Rondo).

More about the event:

The organizers hereby send a message to all our readers to respond to this event and be part of another bicycle race for the promotion of Jira and southern Herzegovina. We believe that the organizers bring another excellent and unforgettable gathering, just like at all events in previous years, and again you are the best witnesses to their excellent organizations.

In this way, the organizers want to thank all the media that support the work of this association and together with them in their own special way to promote Ciro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The historic narrow gauge railway with a steam locomotive runs from Mostar along the Neretva River, crossing the border with Croatia all the way to Dubrovnik. The construction of the railway began in 1898 and ended in 1901. Today, the railway has been reconstructed into a bicycle path.

  • The excursion begins in Trebinje, by cycling and touring the city’s sights and rich cultural and historical surroundings.
  • We drive towards Aqua Park Trebinje from where we officially start our cycling
  • We pass by the Duži Monastery and join the Ćira railway
  • We ride along Ćira’s railway, passing by the Hum station where we take a short break or a picnic (by arrangement), and continue further towards Vjetrenica and Zavala, which is our final destination.
  • Tour of Vjetrenica and the monastery in Zavala, and then lunch and accommodation in the motel Zavala (on request)


  • 08:00  Meeting point: Trebinje
  • 08:00-08:30   Transfer: meeting do start point – Aqua Park Trebinje (on request)
  • 09:00   Start point: Aqua Park Trebinje
  • 09:00-17:00   Cycling: Aqua Park Trebinje – Duži – Ćirina stanica Hum – Vjetrenica – Zavala
  • 12:30  On request: Ručak, lokalna kuhinja
  • 13:00  On request: Posjeta vinariji i degustacija vina


  • Road Book or GPX track
  • Suggestions
  • Assistance


  • Cycling guide: 100,00 €
  • Dinner: local cuisine
  • Vine degustation
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers


  1. MTB Bike – 15,00 €
  2. E-MTB Bike – 25,00 €


☎️ +387 63 400 260 (Viber & WhatsApp avalilable)



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