About Herzegovina Bike project

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Cycling promotion association “Herzegovina Bike” realizes the project of making cycling routes through Herzegovina, as a part of its Association aims which are popularization of cycling as a sport and as a means of transport as well, which can connect Herzegovina tourist capacities through sports and recreation cycling, i.e. cyclotourism.

Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful regions in this part of Europe which keeps its authentic spirit being at the same mountainous, flat, coastal and continental. On relatively small area we can find a lot of relief and geological forms, landscapes, variety of flora and fauna and unique historical and cultural monuments. With these natural resources Herzegovina could become a brand and a center of cycling destination, which could extend the tourist season and better usage of existing tourist resources during the whole year.

The project „Herzegovina Bike” foresees routing, recording ,marking, presentation on web site, sporting and tourist promotion of the most interesting cycling routes which could connect all the most important and known tourist destination of Herzegovina.

.Web site www.herzegovinabike.ba represents places and routes for cycle enjoying, inform people and suggest them where to go for a bike ride, enjoy the nature and meet new places and people an wake up tomorrow with a smile on their face.

This site represents travel and hospitality-catering facilities of Herzegovina, information about environment through which cycling routes pass (history, culture and specifics of the region and tourist attractions) picture galleries and video clips which would represent natural and cultural resources of Herzegovina. Presentation of other theme route has been planned on the web site too (Wine route of Herzegovina, Trebižat Heritage Trails etc.) accommodation and similar services connected with tourism and all information about Herzegovina. Links of all important institutions important for development of tourism in Herzegovina should be on this site. This site will be represented in English too an in near future in German, French and Italian.

This project is in accordance to EU politics related to development of tourism and in accordance to Lisbon Strategy. Cycling tourism has been identified as a means for „improvement of living conditions for present and future generations“ (Commission of the European Communities 2006).