Fortica adventure and Oasis of Peace Blagaj

by Toni Zorić

An all-day adventurous journey for those who love the feeling of adrenaline rush, but also enjoy the oasis of peace, quiet and cultural heritage that Blagaj has. This adventure begins in Mostar, from where we cycle up the hill to Fortica in the length of 6km to the adventure park “ZipLine Fortica”. Rising above Mostar, there is a beautiful view of the City of Mostar, and its peak is at the mountain lodge Fortica where you can try descending to the “Zip Line”, walking on the glass bridge from where there is a beautiful view of Mostar or ViaFerati. This arrangement includes an unforgettable experience of descending to the “Zip line” Fortica in a total length of 1,000m with a beautiful view of Mostar and the surrounding area. There are two cables, one 570m long and the other 430m connecting the two elevations above Mostar. If you decide for a short training is included, with the use of equipment and the help of an instructor.

After visiting the Fortica recreational park, we continue the ride towards Podveležje, and take a short break with refreshments at the Montanaro restaurant in Podveležje. From the Montanaro restaurant there is a descent towards Blagaj with a beautiful view of the landscape all the way to our oasis of peace Blagaj, where we plan a longer break with a tasting of local cuisine.

From Blagaj we continue the journey on a straight section driving along the river Buna, reaching the natural monuments on the Neretva, the place where the Buna flows into the Neretva, or the Buna canals as the locals call this place. After taking photos, we continue our journey towards Mostar and the Old Bridge, with a planned tour of the same, and then driving through the city we reach the starting point and the end of our journey.

  • The starting point is from Mostar, from where the 6km ascent begins all the way to the Fortica recreational park.
  • After the adventurous part in Fortica Park, we continue driving towards Podveležje all the way to the Montanaro restaurant where we take a break.
  • The break is followed by a descent to Blagaj, where lunch and a tasting of local cuisine is planned.
  • This is followed by a drive along the rivers Buna and Neretva, and a tour of the Buna canals.
  • Drive to Mostar with a tour of the Old Bridge and drive through the city which ends our journey.


  • 08:30   Meeting point: Mostar, train and bus station (large parking lot)
  • 08:45  Start point: climb to Fortica
  • 08:45-17:30   Cycling: Brdo Fortica – Podveležje – Blagaj – Bunski kanali – Mostar
  • 10:00  Destination tour: Fortica Adventure / Recreation Park
  • 13:00  Pause: Restoran Montanaro
  • 14:15  Destination tour: Blagaj
  • 14:30  On request: Lunch Blagaj, local cuisine
  • 16:30  Destination tour: Old bridge in Mostaru
  • 17:30  End point: Mostar


  • Maps (map or GPX)
  • Suggestions
  • Assistance


  • Specialized guide: € 100.00
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Fortica and Blagaj tickets
  • Accommodation organization
  • Transfers
  • Garmin device: € 10.00


  1. MTB Bike – 15,00 €
  2. E-MTB Bike – 25,00 €


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