Cycling Rural: Žukovica Waterfall

by Toni Zorić

EXCURSION INFORMATION – Cycling Rural: True Herzegovina Experience

Most of this route passes through rural parts of western Herzegovina, providing perfect conditions for cycling. The trail starts from Posušje, in the length of 63 km, visiting the places Vir, Podbila, Zavelim, Žukovica waterfall and Tribstovo lake, and the journey ends again in Posušje near the Tombstones on Ričina. From visiting remote villages, rural roads and the way of life of the locals on this 63-kilometer-long route, you will discover the most hidden corners of nature in western Herzegovina.

The starting and ending point of this arrangement is Posušje, a town located in Posuško polje at an altitude of 675 meters above sea level, and has 157.40 km of landscaped bike paths, which has positioned this municipality as an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. We start our cycling journey in Posušje, more precisely “Tombstones on Ričina“, places where life has been going on continuously since the Bronze Age, which is confirmed by numerous registered archeological sites. It is a medieval necropolis of 6 tombstones, which are among the largest in BiH with their monumental dimensions. The tombstones are proof that many dignitaries and great men lived in this area during the Middle Ages. The tombstones and their testimony were once part of the entire mosaic, known from the profession as the “Culture of Posusje”.

We continue driving through the picturesque places of Vir, Podbila, Zavelim, an area that is suitable for livestock and agriculture, so that even today we will find many households that are engaged in these jobs. In Vir we find Illyrian, Roman and medieval squares, and the impulses date from the Late Stone Age. In Podbila we visit the remains of the parish Podbila from the 16th century, the mill and the wine cellar of the Franciscans. After Podbila, we head to Zavelim, a place that was the border between the two countries, the Venetian Republic and the Turkish Empire, and today is the border between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it also geographically divides Tropolje, Zagora and Herzegovina.

Žukovica Waterfall is located in Posuški Zagorje, more precisely the hamlet of Vira, and it is a waterfall that enchants with its beauty and untouched nature and is one of the most beautiful places to visit. This waterfall is hidden away from human hands and leaves no one indifferent. Right next to the waterfall is the Žukovička cave, which has been explored by eminent archaeologists.

Tribistovo Lake is the next pearl we will visit, and it was created as an accumulation of drinking water for the needs of the inhabitants of Posušje. It was made in 1989, its length is about 500m, width 300m, while the maximum depth is 15m. It is located at an altitude of 915m between two notches and is rich in carp, trout, baboon and chub. Also, within the lake there is a swimming pool that attracts many bathers.

After a hard tour, but with a smile on our face, we return to Posušje, ie the location where our cycling gathering started.

  • The starting point is in Posušje, or “Stećak tombstones on Ričina”, from where it moves towards Vir, 11 kilometers away, and further towards Zaveli and Podbila. A tour of historical sites is planned in Podbila.
  • After visiting Podbila, a ride to the Zukovica waterfall, 13 kilometers away, is planned. At the Žukovica waterfall, we meet the macadam part of the trail for the first time on this trip.
  • After visiting Žukovica, we continue our journey along the macadam path towards Lake Tribistovo, where we can take a short break in local restaurants, and maybe even take a swim in the lake.
  • An indispensable part of the trip is the descent from Lake Tribistovo through the Brina canyon to Posušje.
  • At the end of the trip it is possible to visit the nearby church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


10:00   Start of the excursion: Stećci on Ričina
10: 00-17: 00   Cycling: Posusje – Vir – Zavelim – Podbila – Zukovica – Tribistovo – Posusje
13:30   Visit: Podbila and the Franciscan Church from the 16th century
14:00   On request: Lunch, local cuisine and wine tasting
15:00   Visit: Žukovica Waterfall
16:00   Visit: Lake Tribistovo
16:10   On request: Refreshments in the restaurant Tribistovo jezero
17:00   End of the excursion: possible visit to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary


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  • Specialized guide: € 100.00
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Accommodation organization
  • Transfers
  • Garmin device: € 10.00

Bicycle rental

  • MTB Bicycles – 15 €
  • E-Bike – 35 €


  • 20,00 € po osobi


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