by Toni Zorić

We believe that you are familiar with the fact that this is not about the real Ćiri who roared on the mentioned section, but about cyclists (Ćira’s friends) who are organizing another bicycle caravan, an event that serves to promote Ćira’s bike path and tourist capacities of southern Herzegovina.

The Association for the Promotion of Cycling “HerzegovinaBike” and the Cycling Club Mostar are once again organizing a promotional cycling race on the section from Mostar to Čapljina. Namely, although at the beginning of last year this promotional bicycle race was not held due to the cancellation of all events due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the organizers hope that this year on Sunday they could have a nice gathering and event promoting Herzegovina, active tourism and tourist capacities of Herzegovina.

“Spring is here with us, so the time has come for the cycling race on the Ćira railway to start from Mostar and end in Čapljina. We hope that this year we will be able to hold this event, of course with physical distance and adherence to all epidemiological measures and recommendations.” say the organizers.

It should be noted that in recent years this cycling race has recorded a record number of 200 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia who cycled on a 40 km long section visited Blagaj, Buna, Počitelj and Čapljina, as well as all their historical and cultural sights.

“The plan is the same as in previous years, we want to present to our guests in the best possible light all the cultural and historical sights that Ćira’s route has to offer on the mentioned section. We are sure that we will not have guests from the region, but we believe that our friends from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina will visit Herzegovina on this don and enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air and pleasant company. Of course, this year we have our cycling guides who will be the leaders of this bike ride and present to our guests all the destinations we visit on our trip, and thus further educate ourselves to meet all the conditions to get a cycling guide license from the Cycling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. ” commented Toni Zorić, president of this association.

“This year we will drive the inevitable Old Bridge in Mostar, and visit Blagaj and the source of the river Buna, we will pass by the Monastery in Žitomislići, Hutova blata, we will visit the old town of Počitelj and once again end our journey in Čapljina. which is definitely worth visiting, and the trail we ride is one of the most beautiful trails in Herzegovina, so this is an event that is definitely worth participating in, “said the organizers.

Gathering and departure is on Sunday, April 18, 2021. starting at 10:00 am in front of the home of Herceg Stjepan Kočač on the square of Croatian greats (Rondo).

More about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/470585974063293

The organizers hereby send a message to all our readers to respond to this event and be part of another bicycle race for the promotion of Jira and southern Herzegovina. We believe that the organizers bring another excellent and unforgettable gathering, just like at all events in previous years, and again you are the best witnesses to their excellent organizations.

In this way, the organizers want to thank all the media that support the work of this association and together with them in their own special way to promote Ciro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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