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+387 63 400 260 info@herzegovinabike.ba BECOME A MEMBER/PARTNER

Cycling club Hercegovac Bileća

Municipality of Bileća; Eastern Herzegovina - Republika Srpska


Cycling club "Hercegovac" Bileća was founded on September 27, 2021. and currently has 22 members. The club organizes recreational rides in the wider area of Bileća, Herzegovina and Montenegro, and the club also competes in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it achieves notable results and wins medals. The club also organizes a bicycle ride along the Ćir railway from Trebinje to Bileća.

The goal of BK Hercegovac is to contribute to:

  • development and improvement of cycling,
  • development and improvement of mutual relations of its members in the spirit of sportsmanship and tolerance
  • promoting the development of cycling, healthy life, sports in general, natural beauty.
  • education in the form of professional texts, advice, equipment tests, driving techniques,
  • organizing bicycle rides,
  • organizing bicycle races,
  • making new bike paths,
  • help in promoting ecological awareness and environmental protection,
  • strengthening sports ties and cooperation with other cycling clubs.

In achieving its goals, the Association performs the following activities:

  • participates in cycling events in BiH and abroad,
  • organizes and implements sports and other activities with the content of cycling sports,
  • connects and approaches organizations of a similar orientation in the country and abroad,
  • assistance to its members in sports and technical education,
  • advocates for the improvement and popularization of cycling,
  • promotes the bicycle as an ecological means of transport,
  • stands for increasing the safety of cyclists in traffic.

The address of the club is Kralja Petra I Oslobodioca bb, Bileca, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 89230.



Goran Šarenac - president of the club; Stefan Delić – Vice President of the club; Miloš Drašković – President of the club assembly
2021-2023 years
Stefan Delić - President of the club; Ivana Tabaković – Vice President of the club; Miloš Drašković – President of the club assembly

Contact information

📞 Phone : +387 65 975 333

✉️ E-mail : bkhercegovac@gmail.com

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