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Franciscana Gravel route

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In 2017, a New York Times magazine journalist cycled the Ćiro trail from Mostar to Dubrovnik and published an article after his cycle trip 👉 LINK.

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NAŠE REFERENCE: projekti zbog kojih smo ponosni

The "Franciscana" bicycle path for Gravel cyclists is a themed path, designed as a path that connects Franciscan religious buildings and museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Franciscana is a unique mountain bike route that takes you through the Franciscan monasteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the cultural and historical heritage associated with them. Franciscans have been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalmatia and Slavonia since the 12th century. In addition to pastoral care, the Franciscans spread education and culture and were the only teachers and originators of the first literary and scientific works and guardians of cultural and historical heritage. Franciscana introduces you to the world of the Franciscan order and the activities of the Franciscans in Bosnia and Herzegovina as guardians of cultural and historical heritage.

Due to its length and weight, it is recommended that this section be divided into several days, i.e. that users ride the 378 km long Gravel section during a multi-day trip, with the recommendation of sleeping in accommodation facilities of Franciscan monasteries where possible or in accommodation facilities that have the "Bike" certificate Friendly Standard", and taste the local cuisine offered by catering facilities located along the Franciscana trail.


The longest gravel track in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its length of 378 km, passes through the entire Franciscan Province of Herzegovina and a part of the Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena (Livno and Rama) with the aim of expanding it to later include the entire Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena, and further to the Republic of Croatia and Montenegro.

Route details

Your excursion begins in Široki Brijeg, leading you through local villages along the Mostar mud all the way to the City of Mostar, which is the largest and most unified city in Herzegovina. You continue your journey along the section of the "Ćirine pruga" path, i.e. along the beautiful landscapes of the Neretva River, rural villages and along a path with extremely low traffic density, so you will really enjoy cycling.

You will cycle along the "Ćiro Trail" all the way to the village of Šurmanci, from where you continue uphill towards Medjugorje (the sanctuary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary), and further towards Ljubuški to beautiful natural and historical sites, such as Kravice Waterfall, Koćuša Waterfall or the church/museum on Humac, which is also and the oldest museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is important to emphasize that you are not in the Herzegovina-Neretva County, but by entering the Ljubuški municipality, you have entered the West Herzegovina County, through which you drive further from the Koćuša waterfall towards Drinovci, where you must visit Peć Mlini, the location where the adventure park is located .

From Drinovci, you continue your journey towards Posušje, where, leaving Posušje, you enter the Herceg-Bosnian county and drive further towards Tomislavgrad. Here, it is important to emphasize that you are driving through the beautiful regions of Herceg-Bosnia County, and along Buško Blato you continue your journey towards the town of Livno and further towards Šuica, where you turn towards Rama and the beautiful Ram Lake, where we consider a visit to the Franciscan Monastery of Rama on Šćit as a must.

From Rama, you continue your journey by climbing towards Blidinje, i.e. Blidinje Nature Park and Blidinje Lake. Entering the Blidinje Nature Park will literally take your breath away with its beauty, and it is located in the area of the high mountains of the central Dinarides, and includes the area of the Čvrsnica and Vran mountain massifs. The Blidinje Nature Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it covers an area of 358 km2 at the foot of the Čvrsnica and Vrana mountains. Here, we consider local cuisine tastings, as well as a tour of Masna Luka and the church of St. Elijah in Masna Luka, to be unavoidable.

After Blidinje, there is a descent on mountain paths towards the town of Široki Brijeg, which is also the end of your trip. On your trip, you will visit several religious buildings and museums, such as: the Franciscan Monastery on Široki Brijeg, the Franciscan Monastery of St. Peter and Paul in Mostar, the Cathedral in Mostar, the Karađoz-beg Mosque in Mostar, the Monastery in Žitomislići, the Church of Merciful Jesus in Šurmanci, Parish Church of St. Jakov in Medjugorje, the Franciscan monastery on Humac in Ljubuški, the church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tihaljina, the church of St. Michael the Archangel in Drinovci, the church and Brotherhood of St. Stephen the First Martyr in Gorica, the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Posušje, the Franciscan monastery in Tomislavgrad, The Carmel of St. Elijah on Lake Buško, the Franciscan Museum and Gallery of Gorica in Livno, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Livno, the Franciscan Monastery of Rama on Šćit and the Church of St. Elijah in Masna Luka.

P.S. Additionally, we mark the path that goes around the following monasteries and museums: the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ukoplje, the Franciscan monastery and the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Guča Gora, the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica, the Franciscan Monastery of St. Katarine Kreševo, Church of St. Michael's Church in Vares and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Olovo.

You should plan your trip

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What to expect


Although the trail mostly takes us through populated areas and you drive on an asphalt section, we also come across a macadam section of the trail, while we always think that on longer rides it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tool for patching inner tires, so the rule also applies to this section. We definitely recommend that you inform your family or friends about your cycling plans before going for a ride.
Helmet mandatory!


Mapa/Karta L307


Trail “L307 – Drinovci – Matica – Krenica – Drinovci”, is a bicycle path that was developed and implemented within the framework of the Cycling Rural project - Bicycle routes for the improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro. The project "Cycling routes for the improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro" is carried out within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro, which is financed by the European Union. The project officially started on October 1, 2019, and its implementation will last 18 months. The total value of the project is EUR 495,000.00, of which the European Union finances EUR 400,000.00. The partners in the project are the West Herzegovina County Government Office for European Integration as the project holder, the City of Široki Brijeg, the City of Ljubuški, the Municipality of Posušje, the Municipality of Grude and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi. The European Union finances this project with the aim of strengthening and diversifying the quality of the tourist offer, as well as the development of outdoor cycling and tourist offers in the rural areas of the cross-border regions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will result in the creation of a new and attractive offer under the "Cycling Rrural" brand, which will become part of the overall tourist offer of both countries, as well as the tourist offer of the Adriatic hinterland.

  • FRANJEVAČKI SAMOSTANI/MUZEJI (koje obilazite na ovoj stazi):
  • Franjevački samostan na Širokom Brijegu
  • Franjevački samostan sv.Petra i Pavla u Mostaru
  • Crkva milosrdnog Isusa u Šurmancima
  • Župna crkva sv. Jakova u Međugorju
  • Franjevački samostan na Humcu u Ljubuškom
  • Crkva Bezgrešnog začeća Blažene Djevice Marije u Tihaljini
  • Crkva sv.Mihovila Arkanđela u Drinovcima
  • Crkva i Bratovština sv.Stjepana prvomučenika u Gorici
  • Crkva sv. Katarine u Grudama
  • Crkva Blažene Djevice Marije u Posušju
  • Franjevački samostan u Tomislavgradu
  • Karmel sv.Ilije na Buškom jezeru
  • Franjevački muzej i galerija Gorica u Livnu
  • Crkva sv.Petra i Pavla u Livnu
  • Franjevački samostan Rama na Šćitu
  • Crkva sv.Ilije u Masnoj Luci
  • GASTRO OFFER (Where To Eat):
  • Restaurant Prestige
  • Konoba Goranci u Mostaru
  • Restoran Romanca u Mostaru
  • Etno kuća u Međugorju
  • Restoran MOST Ljubuški
  • Hotel Bigeste Ljubuški
  • Konoba Perušković, Posušje
  • Restoran Rubin, Tomislavgrad
  • Restoran Buško blato
  • Eco selo Grabovica, Buško jezero
  • Novitas Livno
  • Konoba i Apartmani Gaj Prozor Rama
  • Hajdučke Vrleti Blidinje
  • Restoran Staza na Blidinju
  • Restoran Bosiljna na Blidinju
  • Restoran Vrelo Borak, Široki Brijeg
  • Hotel Park u Širokom Brijegu
  • ACCOMODATION (Where To Sleep):
  • Hotel Mepas
  • Hotel Bigeste Ljubuški
  • Motel MOST Ljubuški
  • Eco selo Grabovica, Buško jezero
  • Hotel Novitas Livno
  • Konoba i Apartmani Gaj Prozor Rama
  • Motel Hajdučke Vrleti
  • Motel Staza na Blidinju
  • Motel Bosiljna na Blidinju
  • Hotel Park u Širokom Brijegu


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