Jaffa Plantations

by Toni Zorić

Jaffa plantations in the heart of Herzegovina

A family company, Jaffa-Komerc Ltd, has opened its doors for curious guests in Blagaj, a city steeped in history and popular with tourists. The 80-hectar plantation is available to all of them. It can be visited by using the Jaffa train or by walking around accompanied by a guide. There is also a children’s playground, a toilet and a parking. You can visit a summer garden, where you can try traditional Mediterranean beverages from the family company’s own production, fresh fruit and vegetables, but also home-made fruit and vegetable products.


– The tourist and educational tour “Get to know Jaffa plantations” aims at informing visitors about the cultivation of fruit and providing additional information about specific varieties. There is also the Jaffa train, which helps you visit the plantations accompanied by a guide. Duration of the tour: 45 minutes.

– In addition to the possibility of a custom-made visit based on your needs, we have also developed an expert visit programme entitled “Jaffa fruit cultures”. This tour is ideal for students, teachers and lovers of fruit cultivation. Duration of the tour: 2 hours

– Jaffa explorers tour is intended for students and children in order to teach them to love the local environment. We visit plantations by the Jaffa train and lead an interesting discussion about fruit varieties. We also visit the fleet of agricultural machines that help us perform our work. Duration of the tour:  1:30 hour.

Working Hours: every day from 07:00 to 19:00 h

The facility has a Bike Friendly Standard license (link)