Snack bar Vagon

by Toni Zorić

Snack bar “Vagon” is a catering establishment that provides food and beverage services, but it is a historical-memorial place that symbolizes the former railway that connected Zelenika with the rest of the Balkans, Europe and the world.

It is located on the route of the former railway between two important infrastructure facilities of the former railway: some 500m west of the starting railway station Zelenika and 300m east of the former 178m long “Lalovina” railway tunnel, which has been revitalized into the Meljine-Zelenika cycling-pedestrian path.

The snack bar is a semi-museum object that, with its exhibition part: photographs, old railway lamps, train driver’s uniform, books, models, publications and the very wagon in which the object operates, offers more than just catering, but it does not lag behind that activity, offering mainly local wines. , beers, other drinks and food in order to bring the visitor as close as possible to Montenegro and its customs and culture.

Also in the exterior there are elements preserved from the old railway, such as the mileage marker from the former route.

A small corner inside the carriage is set aside for children to play with wooden toys and children’s books and picture books about trains.

The interior space is air-conditioned for a stay both in winter and summer in a pleasant atmosphere and at a pleasant temperature. Inside, the car consists of a bar for preparing drinks, a mini kitchen for preparing simple meals: sandwiches, pancakes, burgers, salads, etc… and a toilet. In its extension, there is a terrace on the half level, and on the ground floor next to the wagon and the path where the railway once passed, there is also another part of the terrace.

Working hours: Every day 08:00-23:00
Payment by cash or card.


The facility has a Bike Friendly Standard license (link)