On Sunday, the Ćiro bicycle race starts from Hutovo to Neum

by Toni Zorić

Once upon a time, we dreamed of Herzegovina as an excellent cycling destination. Today, you will find a great cycling offer, from cycling along the Ćiro railway from Mostar to Dubrovnik and further towards Trebinje and Herceg Novi, Cycling Rural trails in ŽZH with a length of 2,000 km, to Bike Friendly facilities and much more. However, it all started with the HerzegovinaBike Association and Ćira’s trail, and Herzegovina also hosts major cycling events dedicated to Ćira’s trail. One such event is waiting for us right on Sunday, June 11 – Cycling along Ćira’s railroad Neumsko Zaleđe – when you have the opportunity to visit the southernmost city in Herzegovina with access to the sea – the city of Neum.

Explore the possibilities and offer of Herzegovina by cycling along the Ćira railway and start planning your next unforgettable cycling weekend in Herzegovina today!


And that’s not all, the Ćiro bicycle path will show you the most valued, picturesque and interesting destinations in Herzegovina, starting from the Old Bridge in Mostar to the far-known Walls of Dubrovnik, both monuments under UNESCO protection. But that’s just the beginning! Between these two UNESCO monuments lies so much wealth that it simply cannot fit into the lines of this article, wealth that will leave you breathless and make you think about life in Herzegovina.


This weekend we are traveling to Hutovo, a small place where life used to breathe in full swing, and today only a few residents of this place testify to that life, the walls of the elementary school, the Ćiro station and the railway station that has been in operation since 1901.

The Salt Road that led from Ston to Bosnia passed through Hutovo, the narrow-gauge railroad Gabela – Zelenika also passed through Hutovo until the railroad was abolished on May 30, 1976, today cyclists from all over the world pass through Hutovo, and some of these cyclists this weekend you can be too.


The bike ride starting from Hutovo will take you through picturesque small towns and beautiful landscapes on your way to Neum, a small exotic town bordering the Republic of Croatia.

“If you decide to cycle along the Ćiro railway, you will experience the pleasure and incredible moments that can only be provided by the leading organizers of cycling trips – the team from uduga HerzegovinaBike, which has dedicated its existence to the promotion of cycling tourism in our country. We have added important details that complement our best cycling trips , from superb photos, accompanied by experienced volunteers who have the knowledge to help you at all times, escorted by a van with service, first aid, water and refreshments, to the unforgettable gastronomic experiences that await us in Neum”, say the HerzegovinaBike association.


Regardless of which Ćiro bicycle race you want to visit and which section you want to ride, discover the best cycling destinations in the world with the HerzegovinaBike team. And that we are brave enough to say it to the world, because these statements are confirmed by many famous world media, as well as reviews of cyclists on social networks and numerous blogs.


Interested in participating? You can still apply – HERE.

Need more information? Visit the HerzegovinaBike website (link) or simply go to the Facebook event Ćiro bicyclijada (link) for more information.

The organizers would like to thank their friends and sponsors who supported the Ćira rail bike ride: City of Neum; Tourist Board HNŽ/K; HT Eronet company, LEDA water and Capriolo SC Mostar store.

In any case, on Sunday, June 11, starting at 10:00 a.m., we will start with a bike gathering from Hutov. You are all welcome!