Grude – Blaževići – Drinovci – Peć Mlini – Tihaljina – Cerov dolac- Grude – Grude

by Toni Zorić


Most of this route passes through the rural parts of western Herzegovina, providing perfect conditions for mountain biking. The trail starts from Posušje, in the length of 39 km, visiting the places Blaževići, Drinovci, Peć Mlini, Tihaljina and Cerov dolac, and we end the trip again in Grude. From visiting remote villages, rural roads and the way of life of the locals on this 39-kilometer-long route, you will discover the most hidden corners of nature in western Herzegovina.


The trail “L303 – Grude – Blaževići – Drinovci – Peć Mlini – Tihaljina – Cerov dolac- Grude” passes through one municipality, and more about it below in the text:

Municipality of Grude

According to the latest census, the smallest municipality in the West Herzegovina County has 17,208 inhabitants per 220.8 km2. Mild Mediterranean climate with natural gems of Lake Krenica and the source of the river Tihaljina, provide tourists with the opportunity to get to know this area. Adventure park Peć mlini with Ravlića cave, mills, promenades, cultural and historical complex in Gorica are just a part of the diverse tourist offer offered by the Municipality of Grude.
Bicycle routes through our Municipality stretch for 122.1 km, as circular routes for day trips full of sensational diversity of landscapes as well as the richness of cultural and historical heritage. The Archaeological Collection in Gorica, Lake Krenica, the Peć Mlini Adventure Park by the source of the Tihaljina River and the Ravlića Cave Archaeological Site are our biggest tourist attractions for adventurers, as well as the opportunity for a perfect family trip. Welcome!


  • Shrine of Bristovica
  • Church of St. Michael the Archangel
  • Krenica lake
  • Pec Mlini
  • Ravlića Cave


  • Restaurant Bezdan
  • Restaurant Ajduk


Although the trail mostly takes us through populated areas and you drive on a paved section, we also come across a macadam part of the trail, while we always think that on longer rides it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tire patch, so the rule applies to this section. We definitely recommend that you tell your family or friends about your cycling plans before you go for a ride.
Helmet required!


Mapa/Karta staze L303


The trail “L303 – Grude – Blaževići – Drinovci – Peć Mlini – Tihaljina – Cerov dolac – Grude” is a cycling trail that was developed and implemented within the project Cycling Rural – Cycling routes to improve the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro. The project “Bicycle routes for the improvement of natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro” is implemented within the Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union. The project officially started on October 1, 2019, and implementation will last 18 months. The total value of the project is EUR 495,000.00, of which the European Union finances EUR 400,000.00. The project partners are the Office of the Government of the West Herzegovina County for European Integration as the project holder, the City of Široki Brijeg, the City of Ljubuški, the Municipality of Posušje, the Municipality of Grude and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi. The European Union is financing this project with the aim of strengthening and diversifying the quality of the tourist offer, as well as the development of cycling and outdoor tourist offer in rural areas of the cross-border regions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will result in the creation of a new and attractive offer under the brand “Cycling Rrural” which will become part of the overall tourist offer of both countries, as well as the tourist offer of the Adriatic hinterland.

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