Hum rampart – a look into the soul of Mostar

by Toni Zorić

The southern ramparts of Mostar are surrounded by the hill Hum, from which the soul and beauty of Mostar can be seen best. It towers over the Old Town and the Old Bridge and from it the view reaches into the depths of western and southern Herzegovina, and stone boulders are outlined around it in its entire radius. From the north, the mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica rise from the east, Velež, and to the south, the view extends to Biokovo, which rises above the Makarska Riviera.

Although the Mostar hill Hum is unavoidable in the history of Mostar through all generations, and is often mentioned with its specific position and lookout point that offers the most beautiful view of the city on the Neretva, for the general public are many secrets that Hum keeps completely unknown, including military fortifications from the Austro-Hungarian period. Hum Hill, as a former demarcation line in the wars of the 1990s, along with Podveležje, was one of the most dangerous mined areas in the vicinity of Mostar, especially because it is one of the places where people go to nature. Remains of a World War II bunker can be seen along the access road to the top.

The route is intended for recreational athletes who are in some condition, but not for beginners because the whole section is a climb. A couple of easier plain tours are recommended, before embarking on the ascent to Hum. The whole section is asphalt, so the ascent is possible with both MTB and road bike, with mountain (MTB) cyclists able to afford a beautiful round trip around the top of Hum with a look at the bunkers used during the war.

Description of rute

Hum Hill is 410 meters high, and at its top rises a cross 33 meters high. An asphalt road winds to the top of the hill, and the start of the tour is from the top of the Avenue (Kralja Tomislava Street), so you drive along the entire length of the Avenue towards Balinovac. from where the road continues towards the roads to Čitluk and Široki Brijeg, after which the ascent begins all the way to the top of Hum. At the intersection of the roads to Čitluk and Široki Brijeg, turn towards Čitluk (left) and continue the ascent next to the Catholic cemetery until the turn for the hill Hum (3.8 km after the start). The surface is still asphalt but without traffic. The road also represents the Way of the Cross and so all the way to the top of the hill where there is a cross 33 meters high. Climbing the hill slowly opens a panoramic view of Mostar, Bišće field south of Mostar, west of Mostar mud. The remains of a World War II bunker can also be seen along the way.

Warning: Hum Hill has been on the demarcation line in recent war events, so we warn you not to deviate from the road and to observe the danger signs. After reaching the top of the hill there is a macadam road and we do not recommend passing it, although there are no signs of mine danger on the road itself.

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