Traces of pristine nature – Jezerac

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Jezerac on the plateau Goranci makes a unique transition between the Herzegovinian karst and bare land, Jezerac is certainly a source of drinking water, which is near Škutor’s houses at 830 m above sea level.

According to legend, it was found 220 years ago during a period of great drought. This well has living water, and according to legend it was built by the old Croats. According to legend, a man noticed his ox drinking water under a sod under which a puddle of water was found and this is the reason why people later excavated.

The result was the discovery of a large stone-walled well, about 9 meters deep and wide, and 33 steps leading to its bottom. Jezerac was many times the salvation of the Gorani people, especially during the great droughts and famines. In the past, ie since the 1950s, this well has been neglected and forgotten.

A group of locals from this parish renovated the well in the summer of 2004 and so Jezerac gets its new shape. This extremely demanding work of the parishioners and all those who have contributed to today’s appearance of Jezerac is commendable, as well as an encouragement to others to restore everything that our ancestors left us.

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