Kupres – Malovan

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Kupres is the place and seat of the municipality of the same name in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the far north of Hercegbosna County. It is located in the northern part of the Kupres plateau, which is located at about 1200 meters above sea level.

Kupres was popularly called “Grad”. That name is a legacy of the ancient past. Kupres was under the hill Čardačica, where the Romans had a fort built on the remains of a prehistoric fortress. After the construction of a very important road Kupres – Bugojno, the name “City” acquires a completely new meaning that remains today.

Kupres survived the devastation of several wars. (World War I and II, Homeland War) after which it would be regularly burned and ravaged. But the people of Kupres are known as strong people and they would always dare to dream and build their settlements and places and bring life and increase the population, believing that better times will come.

The entire Kupres area is actually 3 large karst plateaus (Kupreško, Vukovsko and Ravanjsko polje), surrounded by about fifteen mountains that are largely covered with forests of fir, spruce, beech and pine. There are also three hydrographic independent valleys: Barjamovačka in the north (corner of the Black Sea basin), Mrtvička in the middle and Milačka in the south (corner of the Adriatic basin).

Malovan MTB route is situated in the west region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Malovan peak is situated near the west side of Kupres field. The carriageway section and ascent to the peak start in Donji Malovan village. The peak is at elevation of 1826 meters over the sea level and can be reached by hiking only. The carriageway section near the peak is very steep and to reach the plateau and meadow below the peak some hiking is needed too. The carriageway sections are dry and rocky.

Description of MTB route
The starting point of the mountain bike route is AdriaSki Hotel. At the south side of AdriaSki Hotel there is a carriageway that leads to the tourist center and village. Proceed on the carriageway, descend along the tourist center and turn right at the junction with the paved road. After about 1.2km turn right on the highway Kupres – Tomislavgrad and proceed straight to Donji Malovan village. Turn right at the junction near Donji Malovan village and proceed on the unpaved road to the south west course. After about 300 meters keep left and proceed along the carriageway. Keep right near the church and ascent above Donji Malovan village. Pass the ramp and turn right at the next junction just above the ramp. The carriageway proceeds to the north course. After about 4.8km there is the junction. Turn right and proceed for about 1.1km. There is the next junction at the right side. Turn right and ascent on the steep and rocky carriageway. Due to steep ascent some hiking with the bike is needed to reach the plateau below Malovan peak peak. You can left the bike at the meadow and proceed to the west course. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the peak. From the peak go back on the same trail to the last junction. Turn right and proceed to the north course on the carriageway. Turn first right and than left on next two junctions. The carriageway ends with the downhill section to AdriaSki Hotel. For more details check above interactive Map and below Gallery & Notes of the route.

Notes & references
The route is recommended during Summer or Fall. Take enough drinks. There are no springs of the water on the trail. GPS unit with uploaded route is a must.