Mostar – cycling tour casserole

by Toni Zorić

Tour that opens and closes the season in Herzegovina. Although many might not agree with us, because it is really a bit silly to close or open the season in a region that is suitable for cycling all year round. However, it is a matter of tradition, and that is another excuse for socializing and riding from the cycling clubs that exist in the area of Herzegovina. The tour is circular in shape with a start and finish in Mostar, and is driven across Raška gora to Gorani, followed by an asphalted descent to Mostar. Note: There are no bicycle signs on the trail

Raška Gora is a populated place in the municipality of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Raška Gora is located along the Neretva canyon and covers the area between the Čabulja mountain and the Neretva river. It borders with the settlements: Vrdi, Goranci, Bučići and Đubrani, which were once part of Raška Gora. It spreads over a relatively large area and consists of several hamlets: Domazeti, Sirge, Podivačje, Željetuša, Trolokve, Vukovine, Prikoje, Vituša, Kruševica, Veliki Dolac, Vezovići, Plužni Dolac, Povine and Orašine. The fact that there are 8 Catholic and 2 Orthodox cemeteries and 2 churches in Raska Gora speaks of the area it occupies.

Goranci at its 700 meters above sea level, 12 kilometers northwest of Mostar, form a unique natural oasis that provides peace and satisfaction to all who visit this natural pearl of untouched and beautiful landscape. This mountain area is bordered by beautiful fields, forests and glades on the north and south sides and on the west by Čabulja and its highest peak Velika vlajna 1780 meters (above sea level). . Today, Gorani have 12,000 meters of trails for walking, cycling or horseback riding, which attracts an increasing number of nature and recreation lovers.

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