Mostarsko blato – bike ride around the field

by Toni Zorić

Mostar mud is a karst field with a total area of 3800 hectares, of which 1500 hectares are flooded every year due to heavy autumn and winter rains. The water level sometimes reaches up to 10 meters.

It is located southwest of Mostar on the road to Široki Brijeg, at 200-300 meters above sea level. Half of the fields are located in the West Herzegovina County, which belongs to the municipality of Široki Brijeg, while the rest of Mostar Blato is located in the Herzegovina-Neretva County, which belongs to the municipality of Mostar.

The river Lištica sinkhole flows through the mud of Mostar, which overflows at the entrance to the field and deposits the brought material. This alluvium is inclined to the southeast and is suitable for viticulture. In the past, tobacco, corn and wheat were grown here, and now they are pastures and meadows.

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