Podčabulja – Trail of karst, horse and field

by Toni Zorić

Northwest of Mostar stretches the mountain massif of Čabulja, a bare, rocky mountain that many experts consider to be, along with the mountains Čvrsnica, Vran and Prenje, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. which is why this area is soon planned to be declared a national park.

Čabulja is a mountain in Herzegovina between the river Neretva and its right tributary Drežanka. The highest peak is Velika Vlajna 1776 m.

At the foot of the mountain stretches Goranački plateau at some 700 meters above sea level which is a famous resort of Mostar, especially in the summer months In addition to beautiful nature, attractions in the wild horses of which there are hundreds in this area. In the area of Čabulja, the preparation and realization of a bicycle park is in progress.

The bike path passes through the area of the Čabulja mountain and descends towards Mostarski blato, passing through Široki Brijeg.

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