Trebinje – Leotar

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Leotar Peak is located on the Leotar Mountain (1,244 meters above sea level) in the southeast of Herzegovina in the Republic of Srpska and is the largest limestone peak in the Trebinje area. It stretches in the northwest-southeast direction. On the south side of Leotar stretches the vast Popovo field with the river Trebišnjica, while on the north it is smaller, Ljubomirsko field. And only Trebinje is located at the southern foot of Leotar.

Leotar is recognizable for its steep and rocky slopes, and sparse vegetation. Low vegetation and grasses predominate, which are additionally destroyed in summer with quite frequent fires. Water appears only at the foot of the mountain. Snow on Leotar is quite rare. The mountain is a famous area of medicinal plants.

Route description

The starting point of the route is on the bridge over the river Trebišnjica in Trebinje. The final climb section of Leotar Peak is very steep. opened the view on the trail in Trebinje town and Orjen mountain is very nice. Navigation is simple, despite there is no sign at the most important junction. Due to the hot summer weather the route is recommended during spring, autumn or winter.

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