The final conference of the Ćiro II project was held in Ravno

by Toni Zorić

Last weekend, the final conference of the Cross-border Thematic Tourism Destination: Old Narrow Gauge Railway Ćiro II project was held in Ravno. At the final conference, the results achieved during the Ćiro II project in all three countries were presented, a tour of the rest areas on the Ćiro trail arranged within the framework of the project in the area of Ravno municipality was organized. Along with the entire program, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Vjetrenica cave and, of course, socialize with lunch at the Stanica hotel, which has been certified by BFS through this project.
The end of the project is December 31, 2022. and of course, the conclusion of the conference was that we will continue our partnership in future projects and programs.
From the pictures you can see the interest of the participants who came in large numbers despite the bad weather.

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