Toni Zorić

The beginning of autumn marked the sixth annual Ćiro recreational cycling event in 2023, which took place as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan.

There’s nothing better than the freedom of exploring new places on a bicycle. Cycling offers people a close-up experience of a place’s history, landscapes, and character in a healthy and active way, while also providing a tourism boost to local businesses. The Ćiro cycling events are exactly that.


Although it was postponed last week due to bad weather, almost 100 participants, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts spent Sunday at the Ćiro recreational cycling event. It once again showed why it remains one of the most beloved sporting events in the tourist season. The goal of the Ćiro recreational cycling events is to showcase the beauty of the Herzegovinian landscape, promote historical and cultural destinations, as well as natural resources, especially the route of the former Ćiro railway, which held significant importance for the population in times past.

Recreation enthusiasts from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Croatia, came to this cycling event, spending a beautiful day cycling in sunny Herzegovina and exploring various cultures and historical destinations on their cycling journey. During the event, cyclists visited the old town of Počitelj, the stećak necropolis of Radimlja, the old town of Vidoški, and took a tour of the city of Stolac, including a tasting of some Stolac delicacies. This cycling event is a small step in promoting cycling tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but as the saying goes, “small steps can make a big difference,” and the Ćiro cycling events have taken six of these steps this year.

Toni Zorić, President of the HerzegovinaBike Association, stated, “When we talk about the Ćiro cycling event, which is held as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan, we must say that in 2023, we had six cycling events that brought together more than a thousand directly involved participants. There was significant media promotion on social networks, and Ćiro once again enjoyed great support from the media, which conveyed positive news. We can freely say that Ćiro was a great success. We promoted the cycling tourism potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina in full.”

“This certainly confirms the great interest of foreign tourists who are increasingly coming to our country to cycle the Ćiro route. They fill social networks with posts of cycling the Ćiro route in Herzegovina, thus further promoting our country. We also see frequent reports by foreign media about the Ćiro route, while an increasing number of tourism agencies include cycling in Herzegovina and the Ćiro route in their offers. That’s what tells us that we’re doing a good job, that’s what fulfills us and gives us momentum,” added Zorić.

Cycling tourism significantly contributes to the economy, especially benefiting small businesses in rural areas. Places that have attracted cyclists by developing excellent routes and facilities have experienced these advantages firsthand. However, it’s not just about the routes. The economic benefits are maximized when cycling becomes part of the overall experience, allowing people to discover and connect with the fascinating historical, cultural, and natural features that make a place unique. This is the mission of the HerzegovinaBike Association. Their website ( provides key information about available cycling routes and a range of cultural, historical destinations in Herzegovina, as well as the gastronomic offerings that the region is known for.

The HerzegovinaBike Association would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the cities and municipalities that have signed the memorandum on the Ćiro route management plan, including Mostar, Stolac, Neum, Trebinje, Ravno, and Bileća. It’s important to note that the Redah Agency played a crucial role in this memorandum between the cities and municipalities along the Ćiro route, and the association is grateful for their close collaboration in realizing the Ćiro cycling events. Finally, thanks to all the sponsors, media, and friends who have in any way helped promote Ćiro and cycling tourism in Herzegovina.

The sixth annual Ćiro recreational cycling event from Počitelj to Stolac was realized with financial support from the City of Stolac, HT Eronet, JP Elektroprivreda HZHB d.d. Mostar, Tourist Board of HNŽ/K, REDAH – Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina, Leda water, and Capriolo SC Mostar, as part of the Ćiro cycling route management plan.

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Cycling tourism offers a diverse market. Europe is the largest source market for cycle tourism, and recently Herzegovina is becoming aware of its cycle tourism potential, investing in expanding its cycle tourism offer and promoting the existing one. The demand for this market niche is growing, an increasing number of cycle tourists from all over the world are visiting Herzegovina, with the desire to explore the natural and cultural riches of this still unexplored country. Cycling tourism offers many opportunities, including experience with the local community, cycling tours in rural areas with some new experiences, and with the arrival of e-bikes, new opportunities are opening up.


One of the most attractive cycle tourism offers in Herzegovina is the Ćiro trail, and just today it experienced another big promotion on the section from Hutovo to Neum. Namely, the association HerzegovinaBike, together with the municipality of Neum and the REDAH agency, organized the promotional Ćiro bicycle race. The event, which gathered 130 cyclists from the countries of the region, once again promoted the tourism capacities of Herzegovina, and the cyclists visited Hutovo, and by cycling along the old road through local towns, they reawakened the life that used to breathe here. When the bicycle tour arrived in Neum, it met with great interest and support from the local population, and aroused the interest of many foreign tourists who stayed in Neum, and the guests were also welcomed by the municipal authorities, who prepared a reception at the central location on the waterfront.


“We are extremely happy about the Ćiro cycle path and that Neum is on this map. As a tourist destination, we are aware of the potential behind cycle tourism and we notice an increasing number of guests looking for this active form of tourism, and our task is to follow trends and We are expanding Neum’s tourist offer. That’s why I can freely say that Neum supports cycling and we hope that there will be more and more events like this because they promote a healthy way of life, the cycle tourism offer of Neum, but also the richness of Neum’s hinterland,” commented Dragan Jurković, mayor of Neum municipality.

Upon arriving at the waterfront, the cyclists had lunch and a pleasant swim in the Adriatic Sea.


“Another successfully realized event is behind us and we are extremely happy about it. We are happy because for a very long time we have been investing great efforts in the organization of these events and with each organized event we promote the tourist offer of our country, and the increasing number of cycle tourists we see on the roads of Herzegovina it gives us an additional wind behind us because we know we are doing a good thing. This is the first in a series of Ćiro cycling events that visited Neum and we are happy to be here today and promote our southernmost point and access to the sea,” commented Toni Zorić, president of the HerzegovinaBike association .

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests, the cyclists who came from all over Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, and enjoyed cycling through the regions of Herzegovina and having a pleasant day at the seaside,” added Zorić.


The next Ćiro bicycle race is already waiting for us in the month of July, to be precise on 02.07. on the section from Hutovo to Ravni, and the bicycle race is held in memory of the deceased Nikša Vuletić, the director of Spilja Vjetrenica.

In addition to the Ćiro trail, a cycling event in honor of St. Anti was also held in Herzegovina today, which was organized by the clubs BK Ljubuški and BK Brotnjo, and which gathered more than a hundred cyclists. Cyclists gathered on the town square in Brotnje, and cycled through Međugorje and Ljubuški all the way to the church of St. Ante Padovanski in Humac, where a mass was held for all the participants of the cycling event. Already traditionally, after the mass, the socializing continued at Čeveljuša with Herzegovinian delicacies.


Heregovina is slowly but surely becoming one of the leading European destinations for cycle tourism, and every year it is visited by more than 100,000 tourists who come with the aim of touring the country by bike and enjoying the untouched nature and the network of cycling trails.

And this is normal if we take into account that Herzegovina is located in a privileged location, with impressive mountain ranges, as well as proximity to the sea, a mild climate and many other factors that turn Herzegovina into a perfect environment and a perfect paradise for cycling tourism. The members of the HerzegovinaBike association have been aware of the potential that this country offers for many years, and they promote our cycle tourism paradise with their excellent organizations.


The organizers would like to thank their friends and sponsors who supported the Ćira railway: Neum municipality, HNŽ/K Tourist Board, HT Eronet company, Leda water and Capriolo SC Mostar store.

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Once upon a time, we dreamed of Herzegovina as an excellent cycling destination. Today, you will find a great cycling offer, from cycling along the Ćiro railway from Mostar to Dubrovnik and further towards Trebinje and Herceg Novi, Cycling Rural trails in ŽZH with a length of 2,000 km, to Bike Friendly facilities and much more. However, it all started with the HerzegovinaBike Association and Ćira’s trail, and Herzegovina also hosts major cycling events dedicated to Ćira’s trail. One such event is waiting for us right on Sunday, June 11 – Cycling along Ćira’s railroad Neumsko Zaleđe – when you have the opportunity to visit the southernmost city in Herzegovina with access to the sea – the city of Neum.

Explore the possibilities and offer of Herzegovina by cycling along the Ćira railway and start planning your next unforgettable cycling weekend in Herzegovina today!


And that’s not all, the Ćiro bicycle path will show you the most valued, picturesque and interesting destinations in Herzegovina, starting from the Old Bridge in Mostar to the far-known Walls of Dubrovnik, both monuments under UNESCO protection. But that’s just the beginning! Between these two UNESCO monuments lies so much wealth that it simply cannot fit into the lines of this article, wealth that will leave you breathless and make you think about life in Herzegovina.


This weekend we are traveling to Hutovo, a small place where life used to breathe in full swing, and today only a few residents of this place testify to that life, the walls of the elementary school, the Ćiro station and the railway station that has been in operation since 1901.

The Salt Road that led from Ston to Bosnia passed through Hutovo, the narrow-gauge railroad Gabela – Zelenika also passed through Hutovo until the railroad was abolished on May 30, 1976, today cyclists from all over the world pass through Hutovo, and some of these cyclists this weekend you can be too.


The bike ride starting from Hutovo will take you through picturesque small towns and beautiful landscapes on your way to Neum, a small exotic town bordering the Republic of Croatia.

“If you decide to cycle along the Ćiro railway, you will experience the pleasure and incredible moments that can only be provided by the leading organizers of cycling trips – the team from uduga HerzegovinaBike, which has dedicated its existence to the promotion of cycling tourism in our country. We have added important details that complement our best cycling trips , from superb photos, accompanied by experienced volunteers who have the knowledge to help you at all times, escorted by a van with service, first aid, water and refreshments, to the unforgettable gastronomic experiences that await us in Neum”, say the HerzegovinaBike association.


Regardless of which Ćiro bicycle race you want to visit and which section you want to ride, discover the best cycling destinations in the world with the HerzegovinaBike team. And that we are brave enough to say it to the world, because these statements are confirmed by many famous world media, as well as reviews of cyclists on social networks and numerous blogs.


Interested in participating? You can still apply – HERE.

Need more information? Visit the HerzegovinaBike website (link) or simply go to the Facebook event Ćiro bicyclijada (link) for more information.

The organizers would like to thank their friends and sponsors who supported the Ćira rail bike ride: City of Neum; Tourist Board HNŽ/K; HT Eronet company, LEDA water and Capriolo SC Mostar store.

In any case, on Sunday, June 11, starting at 10:00 a.m., we will start with a bike gathering from Hutov. You are all welcome!

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On Friday, the 11th Bicycle Caravan of Friendship Mostar Vukovar leaves Mostar for Vukovar, and the organizers point out that everything is ready for the cyclists to leave for the City of Hero. The Mostar-Vukovar Friendship Bicycle Caravan will begin on Friday, April 28, 2023, when cyclists from Mostar will set off on a 500-km journey to the City of Vukovar. The return of the cyclists is planned for Tuesday, May 2, 2023, after visiting the village of Borovo, where they will attend the commemoration of 12 killed police officers.

As we have already announced, the caravan of 30 cyclists will start traditionally on April 28. from the square of Croatian defenders (Rondo) at 09:00 a.m. when they will be escorted by the mayor of the City of Mostar, Dr. Mario Kordić. The friendship between the cities of Mostar and Vukovar will once again be linked by an unbreakable bond, not only Mostar and Vukovar, but also all those places through which the caravan passes, as well as the towns that host the caravan, Kiseljak, Žepče, Orašje and Županja. That everything is ready is also confirmed by the host cities, and among them the most important one, the City of Vukovar as the most important host in this entire organization, which has confirmed hosting and is ready to welcome its friends from Mostar this year as well.

Josip Paloš himself, the head of the City of Vukovar, expressed his satisfaction and pride that this year they are also partners in the Mostar-Vukovar friendship bicycle caravan project: “The City of Vukovar is happy that this year we can also participate in the organization of such a big event. We have agreed with the organizers everything about the arrival of the friendship caravan and we are looking forward to the arrival of our friends. Every year we try to provide different content for our cyclists, and this year we suggest a tour of the Museum of Vučedol culture in Vukovar and later an appropriate gathering with dinner for all participants”.

The municipalities of Kiseljak and Žepče together with their mayors Mladen Mišurić Ramljak and Mata Zovko will welcome and host the cycling caravan this year, and after the cyclists cross into the Republic of Croatia they will be welcomed by the mayors of the cities of Županja and Vukovar, Damir Juzbašić and Ivan Penava.

The bicycle caravan of friendship will last five days, and will consist of four stages with a total length of more than 500 kilometers. The caravan will move in the direction of Mostar – Kiseljak – Žepče – Orašje – Županja – Vukovar, and will drive on main and county roads.

“For several months, we have been actively working on the organization of the 11th Bicycle Caravan of Friendship, and now that we are only a few days away from the start of the caravan, emotions are beginning to accumulate and there is great excitement among all the participants of the Bicycle Caravan of Friendship. We are ready that this year, for the eleventh time, let’s set off on a 500km journey, and I can say that we are happy that this year we can once again connect all the cities and municipalities through which our friendship caravan passes,” said Toni Zorić, a member of the organizing team.

There was great interest in participating in the caravan, and the organizers closed registrations a few days ago. This year, the caravan will gather more than 30 participants. It is important to say that this year the friendship caravan will bring presents from Herzegovina for their friends in Bosnia and the Republic of Croatia.

“The idea to promote autochthonous products from Herzegovina by bringing gifts from friends from Herzegovina to our friends in Bosnia and the Republic of Croatia through the increasingly popular sport of cycling met with positive reactions and now it has already become a custom that will probably become a tradition. Our friends in Kiseljak , Žepča, Županja and Vukovar will receive gift packages that will contain autochthonous products from Herzegovina, and precisely because of this, the caravan will set off on its journey in 2023 with the slogan “From Herzegovina with heart”, concluded Zorić.

Gift packages for our friends in 2023 will be prepared by the following associations: Referral Center veteran/fighter co-operative and Visit Blidinje, and Lasta i Hercegovina Vino company.

The cycling caravan will be secured by a police escort, and the organizers would like to thank all the police officers who have been professionally performing their duties for 11 years and are concerned about the safety of all participants.

The organizers would like to thank all the sponsors and friends of the Mostar-Vukovar bicycle caravan for their support and preservation of friendship between the cities and municipalities through which the caravan passes. Thank you!

Sponsors of the event: The cities of Mostar, Županja and Vukovar, and the municipalities of Kiseljak and Žepče

Sponsors of the event: Sports Association of the City of Mostar, Keš d.o.o., Habitus Capljina, Telemach, Konoba Goranci, Referal Center Branitelj/Zadugar, HercegovinaVino, Lasta Capljina, Visit Blidinje, Džajic, Lumen, Bernina and GumaM.

The Mostar Vukovar Friendship Bicycle Caravan will leave Mostar on Friday, April 28, at 9 a.m. in front of Mostar’s Kosača, and the organizers hereby invite all their friends to send them off to the Hero City – Vukovar.

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Udruga „HerzegovinaBike“ najavljuje biciklijadu „Ćirinom prugom Hutovo – Ravno (In Memoriam Nikša Vuletić)“ koja će se održati u Nedelju 14.5.2023. sa početkom u 11:00h ispred područne škole u Hutovu selu. Bitno je kazati da biciklijada nosi ime i organizira se u spomen na nesretno preminulog Nikšu Vuletića, direktora Spilje Vjetrenica.

Biciklijada se realizira uz financijsku potporu Općine Ravno, HT Eronet, Turističke Zajednice HNŽ/K i REDAH – Regionalna razvojna agencija za Hercegovinu, a u cilju promocije „Južne Hercegovine i Uskotračne pruge Ćiro“.

Treća po redu Ćirina biciklijada u 2023 godini vodi nas od Hutova sela do općine Ravno, stazom u dužini od 35km u jednom pravcu, dok ćemo u oba pravca nakupiti ćemo nekih 70km. Staza je potpuno ravna i životopisna sa prelijepim krajolicima i asvaltiranom podlogom, tako da je pogodna za sve vrste bicikala. Kao što smo kazali ovo jedna jako lijepa dionica, gdje srećemo velik broj Ćirinih stanica, vozimo se pored akumulacijskog jezera uz prelijepe prizore na Popovo polje. Biciklijadu završavamo u Općini Ravno, gdje su domaćini priredili okrijepu i ručak za sve sudionike zbog čega su nam i potrebne Vaše prijave kako bi smo znali na koliko ljudi trebamo računnati za obroke. No, to nije sve! Svima Vama koji prije ili poslije ručke poželite posjetiti Spilju Vjetrenica, domaćini su odlučili dati poput i posebne cijene za sve sudionike biciklijade.

Povratak prema Hutovu selu, mjestu starta biciklijade je individualan ili grupni, odnosno po osobnim preferencijama, jer se vraćamo istim putem kojim smo došli.


Biciklijada starta ispred područne škole u Hutovu selu (LINK LOKACIJE), gdje svi sudionici na raspolaganju imaju veliki parking i mogu parkirati svoja vozila, te popiti kavu u lokalnom kafiću prije početka naše biciklijade. Start biciklijade i početak našeg druženja planiran je za 11:00h, a biciklijada ide trasom kuda se u prošlosti kretao Ćiro u dužini 35km od Hutova sela do općine Ravno, odnosno Spilje Vjetrenica za sve one koji odluče posjetiti ovaj veličanstveni spomenik prirode. Bitno je spomenuti da je dionica ravna i nije fizički zahtjevna, a svi sudionici će na raspolaganju imati i kombi vozilo u pratnji u slučaju da im je previše bicikliranja. Također, postoji opcija da kombi vozilo one kojima je 70km previše prebaci od Ravnog do Hutova sela. Sudionici biciklijade će također, na raspolaganju imati 10 volontera, iskusnih biciklista koji će tijekom bicikliranja paziti na sigurnost svih sudionika i pobrinuti za svaku nepredviđenu situaciju, te je ukloniti u najkraćem roku.

Trasa je u cijelim putem asfaltirana podloga na kojoj se može, osim MTB biciklom, voziti i trekking ili cestovnim biciklom. Primjerena je svim biciklistima, pošto su trasa i ritam vožnje lagani i prilagođeni većini.

Svim sudionicima na raspolaganju su volonteri, servisno vozilo, fotografije i video sa biciklijade, te im je osigurano: okrijepa, voda i prva pomoć u servisnom vozilu…


U prošlosti uskotračna pruga sa parnom lokomotivom vozila je od Mostara uzduž rijeke Neretve, kroz Čapljinu, Popovo polje, Ravno, te u mjestu Hum (glavno željezničko čvorište) dijelila se na dvije staze, gdje jedna vodi prema Trebinju Trebinju i dalje ka Bileći i Nikšiću, a drugi krak ka Uskoplju (odnosno Zelenici i Dubrovniku). Bitno je naglasiti da smo u mjestu Uskoplje (2km prije Ivanice) imali još jedno čvorište, gdje jedan krak ide ka Zelenici(Crna Gora), a drugi u Dubrovnik (Hrvatska).

Konstrukcija pruge je počela 1898. i završila 1901 godine. Ćiro je tijekom svog postojanja povezivao mjesta u Hercegovini i donosio im život, a danas je pruga rekonstruirana u biciklističku stazu.

NAPOMENA: Datumi događaja se kreiraju na početku godine i okvirnog su karaktera, te ovise od više aspekata, poput vremenske prognoze, kalendara događaja u okolici idr… U slučaju lošeg vremena biciklijadu ćemo prolongirati i poslati obavijesti svim zainteresiranim sudionicima.
Zahvaljujemo se na razumjevanju.


Biciklijada Ćirinom Prugom Hutovo – Ravno

(In Memoriam Nikša Vuletić)
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  • Kombi u pratnji sa namirnicama
  • Servis u slučaju kvara na biciklu
  • Prva pomoć
  • 10 volontera
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Association for the promotion of cycling “Hercegovina Bicikl” and Cycling Club Mostar in cooperation with the Sports Association of the City of Mostar, and several cycling clubs from BiH and Croatia from 04.28. until 02.05. this year they are organizing the 11th International Cycling Caravan of Friendship Mostar – Vukovar 2023.

This year, for the eleventh time in a row, cyclists will once again connect the cities of Mostar and Vukovar, and there are several reasons for the organization of this unusual event. The caravan also wants to pay tribute to all the victims in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who laid down their lives for the defense of their centuries-old hearths, and especially to the victims of Vukovar, where during the three-month siege around 3,500 people died, of which more than a thousand civilians, and to mark the anniversary of the murder 12 Croatian policemen in the village of Borovo (today’s Borovo) near Vukovar.

Also, one of the reasons is the continuation of friendly relations between BiH and Croatia and the cities of Mostar and Vukovar, which are friendly cities. With a bicycle caravan, we want to connect these two war-suffered and tormented cities, whose fate has possibly changed as a result of war events. With the caravan, we want to weave threads of friendship between two countries and two cities, and permanently engrave in our memories a warning to never forget and pass it on to generations to come. In this thread, we want to connect other places in BiH and Croatia that have felt the sufferings of the war, and through which the caravan will pass.

The bicycle caravan of friendship will last five days, and will consist of four stages with a total length of more than 500 kilometers. The caravan will move in the direction of Mostar – Kiseljak – Žepče – Orašje – Županja – Vukovar. It will be driven on main and county roads. The cycling caravan will be secured by a police escort, and will be accompanied by a van that will transport food, drinks and other necessities for the participants of the cycling event.

Participation and application

Members of the organizers’ clubs and all other athletes have priority in participating in the caravan, but due to easier and better organization of activities, the number of participants is limited. The total number of participants in the bicycle ride is 40 participants, who must provide themselves with an adequate bicycle. Each participant signs a written application, i.e. a declaration of participation in the caravan, and for those under the age of 18, a guardian signs it. Participants under the age of 16 can only participate accompanied by their guardian/chaperone.
In addition to the cyclist participants, there will be around a few companions, two of which will be official vehicles that would accompany them along the entire route while the activity lasts.

All participants should register by Friday at the latest; 21.04.2023. years. in order to have a final number of participants in time for further organization.



Registration fee (includes return bus ticket) for participation is 100.00 KM, or 52.00 euros, or 50.00 KM, or 26.00 euros for all participants from Vukovar and its surroundings. The registration fee can be paid to the giro account of BK Mostar.

RECOMMENDATION: It is desirable that each participant of the cycling event takes out or makes travel insurance for himself at one of the insurance companies. The price of this travel insurance with our partner EUROHERC OSIGURANJE

Registration fees can be paid at:

Client Cycling Club Mostar

Dr. Milana Šufflaya 58, Mostar
UniCredit Bank
– Account: 3381302231920925

Contact tel: +387 63 400 260

Your application forms become valid and we take them into account only upon payment of the registration fee.

Due to the organization, we ask all those who plan to join one of the sections of the marathon to notify the organizer.


Biciklistička karavana Mostar – Vukovar

During the bike ride, we will be accompanied by a van in which we will keep travel bags and personal belongings, as well as the personal vehicle of the sponsor GumaM, and we will have a police escort the entire way.

1. day – Friday, April 28, 2023 (119 km)

08:00 – Gathering in front of the Croatian Home of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, taking photos and giving statements to the media.
08:45 – Participants of the cycling caravan will light candles in front of the memorial to Croatian veterans near the Croatian Home of Herceg Stjepan Kosača.
09:00 – Departure of the bicycle caravan
17:00 – Turning towards Lepenica, where colleagues from Kiseljak welcome us and follow us towards Kiseljak
18:00 – Arrival in Kiseljak where we light candles at the memorial

Day 2 – Saturday, April 29, 2023 (90 km) – Memorijal Ivana Širić

09:00 – Departure from Kiseljak to Žepč (via Busovača and Zenica)
17:00 – Arrival in Žepče, where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government and fellow cyclists from Žepče.
18:00 – Laying flowers and lighting candles at the place where the little girl Ivana Širić was killed

Day 3 – Sunday, April 30, 2023 (117 km) – Memorijal Mladen Ćatić

09:00 – Departure for Orašje
17:00 – Arrival in Orašje where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government.
17:30 – Lighting of candles at the central memorial in the city park
18:00 – Departure to Županja
18:30 – Arrival in Županje, where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government and fellow cyclists from Županja

Day 4 – Monday, May 1, 2023 (60 km)

09:00 – Departure for Vukovar
12:00 – Arrival in Vukovar where we are greeted by the media and representatives of the local government.
12:30 – Departure to Ovčara
13:00 – Arrival at Ovčara, where the participants of the caravan will light candles on the memorial made to remember the suffering of 200 wounded and medical workers of the Vukovar hospital, who were executed at that place on November 20, 1991 by the Serbian occupying authorities. A guide is provided at Ovčara, who will explain the events at that place in more detail.

Day 5 – Tuesday, May 2, 2023

09:00 – departure to Borovo selo, where the anniversary of the martyrdom of 12 Croatian policemen will be marked.
09:15 – The participants of the bicycle caravan will lay flowers and light candles on the memorial, and then attend a memorial mass for the fallen police officers.
10:00 a.m. – Joining the procession that will move on foot to the monument to the fallen police officers, where the ceremony will take place
13:00 – Return to Mostar by bus (Autoprevoz Mostar)

Important note: When returning, we will put your bikes in the van that will accompany us, and you must sign a statement in which you agree that the van driver can take your bike across the border from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina with your consent. The organizer will draw up a joint declaration with your first and last name, registration number, bicycle model and bicycle frame number. This is necessary for customs control, because the van driver will have a van full of bicycles on the way back. The participants of the cycling race return by bus.


  • Personal equipment and belongings
  • Additional clothing for riding (cycling pants and T-shirts)
  • Identity card or passport for crossing the border,
  • Helmet (MANDATORY)
  • Sleeping bag (individual/optional)
  • A small backpack or bag for equipment, clothing and personal belongings
  • Sports clothes (sweatshirt and tan), for walking and socializing upon arrival at the place where we will spend the night.
  • Bicycle spare parts for small repairs (spare inner tire 2 pcs., patching set, pump, mini tool, water bottle, reflective vest, front and rear light…)
  • Each participant rides and is responsible for his own bicycle
  • WE RECOMMEND: It is desirable that each participant of the cycling event takes out or takes out travel insurance for himself in one of the insurance companies. We recommend EUROHERC INSURANCE.


  • Two vehicles: Van and accompanying jeep
  • Tools and a mechanic for possible breakdowns on the caravan participant’s bicycle
  • First aid kit and medical staff in case of unforeseen/unwanted situations
  • Water, croissants and fruit that will be transported in the van for refreshments during breaks at rest stops
  • Accommodation: Kiseljak, Žepče, Županja and Vukovar
  • Bus (Extraordinary ride) for the return of participants of the cycling event to Mostar.

For all other information, you can contact us at:

Toni Zorić
president Association HerzegovinaBike
mob: 063/400-260

Biljana Krtalić
Secretary BK Mostar
mob: 063/316-729

IMPORTANT: All participants of the cycling event register and ride at their own risk. The organizers of the bike ride are not obligated in any way to the participants of the bike ride, except to be guides on the field. By signing up for the ride, you accept the mentioned conditions and undertake to follow the instructions of the organizer. Minors can register and ride only with the written permission of their guardian stating that the ride organizers are not responsible for their safety.


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Last weekend, the final conference of the Cross-border Thematic Tourism Destination: Old Narrow Gauge Railway Ćiro II project was held in Ravno. At the final conference, the results achieved during the Ćiro II project in all three countries were presented, a tour of the rest areas on the Ćiro trail arranged within the framework of the project in the area of Ravno municipality was organized. Along with the entire program, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Vjetrenica cave and, of course, socialize with lunch at the Stanica hotel, which has been certified by BFS through this project.
The end of the project is December 31, 2022. and of course, the conclusion of the conference was that we will continue our partnership in future projects and programs.
From the pictures you can see the interest of the participants who came in large numbers despite the bad weather.

More information at the link:

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Three days of events, filled all week and over 600 participants and guests from the countries of the region, are just some of the numbers from the Blidinje BIKE Festival, that is, the festival of mountain biking and cycle tourism. The festival ended on Sunday with the spectacular victories of some of the best professional cyclists and the announcement of the winners, but Friday and Saturday also met the expectations of all present.

Blidinje is a well-known region in the large community of mountain bikers, especially after the Blidinje BIKE Festival event, which has been promoting and sending positive images of this Nature Park all over the world for 4 years in a row. The same thing is happening this year as global media once again promote and report from the festival; but of course the media are not alone, participants and visitors share news with millions of their followers on social networks.

The festival ended on Sunday with the central event and the main race XCM Herzegovina, and Vedad Karić (big marathon), Karla Kustura (small marathon) and Ivan Soldo (small marathon) were the best in the race. The local drivers showed their experience on the tracks of Blidinje and their good knowledge of this area since they are participating in this event for the fourth year in a row.

The Blidinje BIKE Festival event started already on Friday; 22.7. with the presentation of the project to all participants of the event, i.e. everything that the organizers have prepared for the weekend ahead. Traditionally, Saturday, as a day for recreationists, whole families and the youngest ages, brought very exciting events, such as the “Ajduka Trail” bike ride, which promoted the beautiful areas of the Blidinje Nature Park to all recreationists, but also a children’s race that brought a lot of excitement, plenty of happiness and laughter . For the youngest competitors, we have prepared a race on a 1 km circular track divided by age in a wonderful environment near the Staza restaurant in the center of the festival, where the youngest had the opportunity to enjoy the additional facilities offered by the BBF.

Fierce, daring, brave, daring, fearless, lion-hearted kids, with the proverbial loud and numerous support of the audience, won their first medals and dreamed of new sports successes here at the location of the Blidinje Nature Park.

Sunday is the day that brings beautiful photos from professional cycling and sends them all over the world with the aim of promoting Blidinje, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina as an excellent destination for all athletes who enjoy competing in some of the top events that are organized further north in the Alps, since everyone’s comments participants were that Blidinje is a copy of this beautiful mountain system that stretches between Central and Southern Europe.

For the weekly event XCM Herzegovina, the organizers have prepared two tracks for all participants, namely the Big Marathon track with a length of 60 km and a short marathon track with a length of 30 km. That the trails were very exciting, with beautiful views of the natural beauty of Blidinje, but also exhausting, was confirmed by the comments of all the participants upon entering the finish area.

The XCM Herzegovina race was attended by more than a hundred professional cyclists who tested their strength on the tracks of Blidinje. Vedad Karić (BK Rotacija Spin) proved to be the best cyclist, defending his last year’s title as the winner, who completed the course of the big marathon in 2:22:47. Dražen Akrap (BK Tempo) from Vitez took second place on the podium, while Davor Krezić (BK Kairos) from Split finished in third place.

In the small marathon, Ivan Soldo (BK Široki) from Široki Brijeg shone, to whom training on his home ground, as well as a good knowledge of the track, brought him the highest place on the podium. Ivan finished the short marathon course in 1:14:17. The second place was taken by Filip Džido (BK Tempo), while the third went to Dominiko Šimić (BK Čapljina).

Among the ladies, young Karla Kustura (BK X Factory) from Travnik proved to be the best, winning the mini-marathon course with a time of 1:36:20. She is followed by Martina Čondra (BK Rotacija SPIN) from Vitez in second place and Suzana Kontić (BK Petar Svačić) from Drniš in third place.

The fourth edition of the Blidinje BIKE Festival officially ended with the ceremony of announcing the winners and the awarding of prizes, which, according to the organizers and all those present, once again met all expectations. Unfortunately, during the event, large fires raged in Blidinje, which brought unpleasant scenes to all present, and we would like to say hello and thank all the good and brave people who are on the ground helping to put out the fire, from the fire services, GSS, mountaineers societies, all the way to volunteers who applied for help. You can follow the current situation in Blidinje on the social networks of the Visit Blidinje association, which is also a partner of the Blidinje BIKE Festival event. It is important to say that a part of the stewards of the Blidinje BIKE Festival, after the end of the event, signed up to volunteer and help prevent fires.

On this occasion, the organizers would like to once again thank all sponsors and friends of the event who help promote Blidinje, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Sponsors of the event: Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Government of West Herzegovina County, Government of Herzegovina-Neretva County, Municipality of Posušje, Tourist Board HNŽ/K, Sports Federation of the City of Mostar and Visit Blidinje.

Golden sponsor: HT ERONET

Silver sponsor: M.T. Abraham Group

Bronze Sponsor:  Spartan Sport – GIANT

Sponsors: Capriolo Mostar, GumaM, Autoservis Čip, LEDA Voda, Herzegovina Vino, “Hajdučke Vrleti” restaurant, “Staza” restaurant, Lasta Čapljina, Violeta Grude, Nameks supermarkets.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:30 a.m., City Hall of the City of Mostar

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., City Administration of the City of Trebinje

REDAH announces the presentation of the results of the project “Development of the ĆIRO Cycling Route Management Plan”, which is being carried out within the framework of the EU4Business project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and which is co-financed by the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

After the presentation of the results, a ceremonial signing of the Agreement on cooperation on the maintenance, management and promotion of the ĆIRO cycling route will be organized in both cities. The agreement will be signed by the mayors of Herzegovinian municipalities and cities that gravitate along the ĆIRO route.

The development of a document that will provide guidelines and mechanisms for the management of the Ćiro cycling route in a systematic, coordinated and planned manner, and will ensure its functionality and sustainability and be one of the generators of tourism development in the entire area.

The document clearly defines the strategic directions of development, necessary resources, responsibilities in the implementation of various measures/activities/programs. This will ensure a gradual, mutually coordinated, and thus long-term sustainable development of Ćiro in the entire project area, which will lead to increased competitiveness and more significant tourist activities in all of Herzegovina.

The leading implementer of the project is the Association for Economic Development REDAH, which during June and July 2022, in cooperation with the Herzegovina Bike Association, by holding four interactive workshops with key actors from the public, private and non-governmental sectors from the area of Herzegovina, successfully developed Management plan.

Agenda in both cities:

  • Welcome speeches

(Representatives of the host cities, GiZ, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the RS)

  • Presentation of the ĆIRO cycling route management plan
  • Statements for the media

EU4Business, with the aim of strengthening the BiH economy, encourages the development of entrepreneurship, export-oriented sectors, tourism and agriculture, as well as rural development. EU4Business is financed by the European Union with 15 million euros and the Federal Republic of Germany with 1.1 million euros. EU4Business is jointly implemented by GIZ, ILO and UNDP. For more information about the EU4Business project, visit: .

For more information about the project, please contact:

Ivica Sivrić, Director of the Association for Economic Development REDAH

Contact phone: 063 295 766


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Another 14 days separate us from the largest outdoor festival in Herzegovina – Ljubuški Outdoor Festival, and on that occasion we spoke with Josip Ramljak, secretary of BK Ljubuški.

The Ljubuški Outdoor Festival as a whole is a set of sports and recreational activities that will connect and revitalize the scattered cultural, historical and natural heritage along the competition routes.

Paragliding competition, racing, cycling and trail trails are connected by the river Trebižat, which in addition to its hydrological potential also inherits two natural pearls: the Kravica and Koćuša waterfalls. The route also connects national cultural monuments, the Roman military camp in Gračine and the fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, which represent a special treasure of this festival. The festival will promote sports and a healthy lifestyle in a natural environment through a series of lectures. Also, all associations engaged in outdoor sports and recreational activities will have the opportunity to present their activities during the festival at the Kravica waterfall. This innovative and unique event in BiH will certainly be a significant incentive for the development and promotion of active destination tourism in the Ljubuski region, but also in other areas in the region for the development of similar activities.

Can you tell us how the idea of ​​organizing an event of this type came about?

LJOF or full name Ljubuški outdoor festival was created as an idea of ​​a group of enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor activities, namely good cooperation and socializing of runners, cyclists, paragliders and the city administration of Ljubuški resulted in something that should become a recognizable brand in the region and further enrich tourist offer of the town of Ljubuški.

What will LJOF offer visitors in its premiere edition?

In its premiere edition, LJOF will offer several racing races, two bicycle races, a competition in precision landing (paragliding), hiking to the nearby peak Vrlosinj, a landscape photography workshop, a speleo workshop and a sport climbing school.

Registration fee for participation in the competitive part of the program is 20.00 KM, while the workshops are free for all participants. By paying the registration fee until 15.05.2021. all competitors will be provided with a starter pack containing an official LJOF T-shirt, a finisher’s medal and a sponsor’s gift package.

The first LJOF will be held from May 28 to 30, 2021, and the three days of the festival represent the unity of sports, healthy living, entertainment, positive spirit and awareness of nature conservation. This eco-project is intended for all lovers of good time, competitions and outdoor activities.

Can you tell us a bit more about the festival program itself?

The festival begins on Friday, May 28, 2021 at 17:00 with the official opening. The opening will be followed by expert lectures on active tourism. Also on the same day, next to the Kravica waterfall, “stands” of various associations engaged in sports and recreational activities in nature will be set up.

Saturday 05/29/2021 official competitions start, and on that day runners and paragliders are on the program. Running fans will try a couple of distances, and have a choice of Half Marathon “Two Waterfalls”, a 10-kilometer race called “SKUNASTICUS” which starts from the military camp Gračine, a children’s race called “KIDS RUN” 1 kilometer long where all these races they have a common finish, and these are the Kravica waterfalls. As we mentioned earlier, an attractive competition in precision landing “KOSAČA” organized by Paragliding Club Ljubuški will be held on the same day, and all pilots will take off from the airfield near the tower of Herceg Stjepan, while the goal will be to land as close as possible to the center in Ljubuško polje. .

Sunday 30.05.2021. is reserved for cycling enthusiasts, and that is the main reason for our conversation today. We have two trails ready, one for those a little more prepared under the name XCM Stipe, 41 kilometers long, and XCM Mara, 21 kilometers long, for those who want to enjoy the beautiful landscape without getting very tired.

Tell us a little more about Marie and Stipe. Why Stipe and Mara? 🙂

And it’s a special story, we were sitting at a club meeting where we were thinking about how to separate the trails for those more prepared and those who enjoy a light ride – recreational riders. Following a few names and event names of other clubs in the region, we noticed that they all mostly have some unique names.

Stipe and Mara are names associated with this area, ancient, sounding names and there is no hamlet or place that does not have one Mara or one Stipe. As a real man, Stipe was a little more determined and he is a stronger marathon, so his race is even harder. While Mara on the other hand is polite, gentler, nice and she drives a lighter race and that is essentially that kind of story we revolved around. That is how Stioe and Mara were born.

As I mentioned above, the XCM Stipe is a race designed for the slightly more prepared, but again not too demanding so everyone should be able to drive it within the 3:00 hour time limit.

The race is 41 kilometers long with a total altitude difference of 710 meters. The start is at the Koćuša waterfalls, and along the entire route we pass by the natural and cultural sights of Ljubuški with the goal at the beautiful Kravica waterfalls.

XCM Stipe is a race that scores points for the BiH Premier League, so we can already see from the reports that the cream of the MTB scene in BiH is coming to Ljubuški. Karić, but as I have already said, many interesting names are coming and we can already see that the XCM Stipe will be a very interesting race.

The XCM Mara is reserved for children and amateurs who want to drive a shorter and much less strenuous race.

This race is also scored for the Premier League in BiH, but in the categories of younger cadets and cadets, as well as amateurs aged 12-16. The others who take part in the race drive recreationally, but their time will be measured and the official result will be published on the Ljof website.

As we learned from the previous question, you already have a lot of applicants. Can you tell us what number it is and how many participants in total you expect in Ljubuški during the festival?

So far, we have registered a total of 540 competitors in all disciplines. 120 competitors have registered for the bicycle races and we expect that we have mentioned a good and attractive race before and we hope that everyone will enjoy from the first to the last kilometer of the track.

Do you have a message to end the conversation?

Here, in front of the Ljubuški Cycling Club, we invite everyone who is still thinking about visiting Ljubuški and its surroundings to do so on the last weekend in May, more precisely from May 28 to 30, 2021, visits to Kravica Waterfalls and Ljubuški Outdoor Festival. Of course, it is not obligatory, but it is great if they decide to participate in one of the workshops or try one of the competitive disciplines. We can certainly guarantee good fun and enjoyment of the natural and cultural beauties of Ljubuški and Herzegovina.

Public company Parkovi Ljubuški d.o.o. and associations: Cycling Club Ljubuški, Paragliding Club Ljubuški, Croatian Athletic Club Ljubuški, GSS station Ljubuški and Photo Club Focus are the organizers and holders of the event Ljubuški Outdoor Festival with the support of the City of Ljubuški and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism BiH.

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