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Karađoz-bey's mosque

Karađoz-begova džamija (Zaim Hadži Mehmed-bega Karađoza džamija) je najveća i jedna od najljepših džamija u Hercegovini. Nalazi se u Mostaru, na uglu ulica braće Fejić i Karađoz-begove ulice.

Mostar is a city rich in mosques, which can be found in every neighborhood, and which well represent the typical Ottoman style. Small but elegant, both from an architectural and cultural point of view in a broader sense, these are buildings that are worth visiting not only for the beauty of the interior, but also for tangible evidence of the life and culture of the Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Karađoz-bey Mosque, a little outside the city center, is one of the most representative monuments of sacred Islamic architecture in the 16th century. Built in 1557 according to the project of the Turkish architect Kodža Mimar Sinan, the inside is decorated with sumptuous arabesques and phytomorphic drawings. In accordance with the style and tradition of that period, the mosque is flanked by other buildings in its courtyard: a washing shed (sadrvan), an Islamic school (madrasa), a library, and even a public kitchen for the poor. Damaged in the war, the Karađoz-bey mosque and its minaret are now open to the public again after a long and careful restoration. Behind the mosque is the oldest Muslim cemetery in the city.

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