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Međugorje is a famous place located in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a populated place in the municipality of Čitluk. It stretches between two large geographical areas: mountainous in the north and sea in the south. The mountain massif in the north of 2000 meters above sea level provides excellent climatic conditions. Due to the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, relief and altitude, the Mediterranean climate prevails here.

4300 inhabitants live in the city. And everyone knows that this is one of the most famous and most visited Catholic shrines in the world. In 1981, when the Virgin Mary began to appear as a phenomenon, this place became famous in the world. It began to attract believers, pilgrims who find peace and faith in the Medjugorje shrine. The gathering center in this sanctuary is the church of St. Jakov, in the center of Medjugorje. After June 24, 1981, when Our Lady appeared on the Crnici hill in the Podbrdo area, many sick people, as well as healthy ones, gathered in prayer. The figure of Our Lady was seen by more than six children through whom she sent messages of peace to the world.

What most pilgrims want to see is Apparition Hill. It is the place of the first apparitions, a few hundred meters above the village of Bijakovići called Podbrdo. A steep path leads to this place, and bronze reliefs of the sacraments are placed next to it. On the way to the place of the apparition, there is a wooden cross on which Our Lady first called for conversion and peace, through the little girl. In honor of the twentieth anniversary, the statue of the Queen of Peace was placed exactly at the place of the apparition. The statue was made according to the model standing in front of the church.

Meeting the Apparition Hill for pilgrims means meeting Our Lady through personal prayer and the rosary.

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