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Applications are open for the 12th Mostar - Vukovar Friendship Bicycle Caravan

Association for the promotion of cycling "Hercegovina Bicikl" in cooperation with the Sports Association of the City of Mostar, and several cycling clubs from BiH and Croatia from April 28. until 02.05. this year they are organizing the Twelfth Bike Caravan of Friendship Mostar - Vukovar 2024.

Applications for the twelfth Bicycle Caravan of Friendship Mostar Vukovar are open, and the organizers of the caravan emphasize that preparations for the organization of the event are underway, and they believe that this year they will once again successfully realize the project and unite the friendly cities of Mostar and Vukovar.

The Mostar-Vukovar Friendship Bicycle Caravan will begin on Sunday, April 28, 2024, when cyclists from Mostar will set out on a 500-km journey to the City of Vukovar. The return of the cyclists is planned for Thursday, May 2, 2024, after visiting the village of Borovo, where they will attend the commemoration of 12 killed police officers.

Cyclists will reunite the friendly cities of Mostar and Vukovar, and there are several reasons for organizing such an unusual event. The caravan also wants to pay tribute to all the victims in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who laid down their lives for the defense of their centuries-old hearths, and especially to the victims of Vukovar, where during the three-month siege around 3,500 people died, of which more than a thousand civilians, and to mark the anniversary of the murder 12 Croatian policemen in the village of Borovo (today's Borovo) near Vukovar.

With a bicycle caravan, we want to connect these two war-suffered and tormented cities, whose fate has possibly changed as a result of war events. With the caravan, we want to weave threads of friendship between two countries and two cities, and permanently engrave in our memories a warning to never forget and pass it on to generations to come. In this thread, we want to connect other places in BiH and Croatia that felt the sufferings of the war, and through which the caravan will pass", said the organizers.

The bicycle caravan of friendship will last five days, and will consist of four stages with a total length of more than 500 kilometers. The caravan will move in the direction Mostar – Kiseljak – Žepče – Orašje – Županja –Vukovar. It will be driven on main and county roads. The cycling caravan will be secured by a police escort, and will be accompanied by a van that will transport food, drinks and other necessities for the participants of the cycling event.

Participation and application

Members of the organizers' clubs and all other athletes have priority in participating in the caravan, but due to easier and better organization of activities, the number of participants is limited. The total number of participants in the bicycle ride is 40 participants, who must provide themselves with an adequate bicycle. Each participant signs a written application, i.e. a declaration of participation in the caravan, and for those under the age of 18, a guardian signs it. Participants under the age of 16 can only participate accompanied by their guardian/chaperone.
In addition to the cyclist participants, there will be around a few companions, two of which will be official vehicles that would accompany them along the entire route while the activity lasts.

All judges should register by April 23, 2024. years. in order to have a final number of participants in time for further organization.

APPLICATION FORM to participate you can fill out HERE.

N O T E:

The registration fee (includes a return bus ticket) for participation is 150 KM, or 75 euros, and can be paid to the bank account of the association.

Registration fees can be paid at:

Udruga za promociju biciklizma Hercegovina Bicikl
dr. Milana Šufflaya 58, Mostar
UniCredit Bank
Giro account: 3381302232463058

Contact tel: +387 63 400 260

Your application forms become valid and we take them into account only upon payment of the registration fee.

Due to the organization, we ask all those who plan to join one of the sections of the marathon to notify the organizer.


Bicycle caravan Mostar - Vukovar

During the bike ride, we will be accompanied by a van in which we will keep personal belongings, one personal vehicle, and we will have a police escort the entire way.

Day 1 – Sunday, April 28, 2024 (119 km)

08:00 - Gathering in front of the Croatian Home of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, taking photos and giving statements to the media.
08:45 – Participants of the bicycle caravan will light candles in front of the memorial to Croatian veterans near the Croatian Home of Herceg Stjepan Kosača.
09:00 – Departure of the cycling caravan
17:00 – Turning towards Lepenica, where colleagues from Kiseljak welcome us and follow us towards Kiseljak
18:00 – Arrival in Kiseljak where we light candles at the memorial

Day 2 – Monday, April 29, 2024 (90 km) – Ivan Širić Memorial

09:00 – Departure from Kiseljak towards Žepč (via Busovača and Zenica)
17:00 – Arrival in Žepče, where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government and fellow cyclists from Žepče.
18:00 – Laying flowers and lighting candles at the place of the girl's death Ivane Širić

Day 3 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024 (117 km) – Mladen Ćatić Memorial

09:00 – Departure for Orašje
17:00 – Arrival in Orašje where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government.
17:30 – Lighting of candles at the central memorial in the city park
18:00 – Departure to Županja
18:30 - Arrival in Županje, where we are welcomed by representatives of the local government and fellow cyclists from Županje

Day 4 – Wednesday, May 1, 2024 (60 km)

09:00 – Departure for Vukovar
12:00 – Arrival in Vukovar where we are greeted by the media and representatives of the local government.
12:30 – Departure to Ovčara
13:00 – Arrival at Ovčara, where the participants of the caravan will light candles on the memorial made to remember the suffering of 200 wounded and medical workers of the Vukovar hospital, who were executed at that place on November 20, 1991 by the Serbian occupying authorities. A guide is provided at Ovčara, who will explain the events at that place in more detail.

Day 5 – Thursday, May 2, 2024

09:00 - departure to Borovo selo, where the anniversary of the martyrdom of 12 Croatian police officers will be marked.
09:15 - The participants of the bicycle caravan will lay flowers and light candles on the memorial, and then attend a memorial mass for the fallen police officers.
10:00 a.m. - Joining the procession that will move on foot to the monument to the fallen police officers, where the ceremony will take place
13:00 – Return to Mostar by bus (Autoprevoz Mostar)

Important note: When returning, we will put your bikes in the van that will accompany us, and you must sign a statement in which you agree that the van driver can take your bike across the border from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina with your consent. The organizer will draw up a joint statement with your first and last name, registration number, bicycle model and bicycle frame number. This is necessary for customs control, because the van driver will have a van full of bicycles on the way back. The participants of the cycling race return by bus.


  • Personal equipment and belongings
  • Additional clothing for riding (cycling pants and T-shirts)
  • Identity card or passport for crossing the border,
  • Helmet (MANDATORY)
  • Sleeping bag ,
  • A small backpack or bag for equipment, clothes and personal belongings
  • Sports clothes (sweatshirt and tans), for sitting and socializing upon arrival at the place where we will spend the night.
  • Bicycle spare parts for small repairs (spare inner tire 2 pcs., tire set, pump, mini tool, water bottle, reflective vest, front and rear light...)
  • Each participant rides and is responsible for his own bicycle
  • WE RECOMMEND: It is desirable that each participant of the cycling event takes out or makes travel insurance for himself in one of the insurance companies.


  • Two vehicles: Van and accompanying jeep
  • Tools and mechanics for possible breakdowns on the caravan participant's bicycle
  • First aid kit and medical staff in case of unforeseen/unwanted situations
  • First aid kit and medical staff in case of unforeseen/unwanted situations
  • Accommodation: Kiseljak, Žepče, Županja and Vukovar
  • Bus (Extraordinary ride) for the return of participants of the cycling event to Mostar.

For all other information, you can contact us at:

Toni Zorić
president of the HerzegovinaBike Association
e-mail: toni@herzegovinabike.ba
mobile phone: 063/400-260

Biljana Krtalić
secretary of BK Mostar
e-mail: tajnik@bkmostar.ba
mob: 063/316-729

IMPORTANT: All participants of the cycling event register and ride at their own risk. The organizers of the bike ride are not obligated in any way to the participants of the bike ride, except to be guides on the field. By signing up for the ride, you accept the mentioned conditions and undertake to follow the instructions of the organizer. Minors can register and ride only with the written permission of their guardian stating that the ride organizers are not responsible for their safety.

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