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Cyclotourism is a specific form of tourism, which is gaining more and more importance in contemporary tourist trends. Thanks to trends related to active travel and a healthy lifestyle, cycle tourism is today one of the fastest growing and most promising forms of tourism.

Date 08.03.2013 for us, it represents a significant date that will be remembered as a big step for the development of cycle tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On that day, namely, the HerzegovinaBike Association was founded which acts as a coordinating body for the development of cycle tourism in response to the increasing importance that cycle tourism brings to Bosnia and Herzegovina (financial, touristic, infrastructural, etc.).

The goal is better networking of existing bicycle routes, infrastructure, accompanying hospitality and tourism offers, and the creation of a unique database about them. The coordination will accelerate the creation and marking of a network of standardized national, regional and local bicycle routes, and ultimately a more successful integration into the potential European bicycle network of EuroVelo routes, which in the future is planned to connect the north of Bosnia with the south of Herzegovina.

By adapting and improving cycling routes in Herzegovina, and using the knowledge, experience and standards of the ECF (European Cycling Federation) in terms of safety and comfort of driving, landscape beauty and interpretation of the offer, improvement and marking for cycle tourists, we can connect Bosnia and Herzegovina even better with countries of Europe and the region, and through the systematic development of this very trendy and popular tourist product to influence the necessary extension of the tourist season and the connection of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the already extremely developed and used European cycle tourism routes and directions.


By becoming a member of the cyclo-tourism association, you gain a range of benefits and support that enhance your experience in cycling and cycle tourism, as one of the most significant branches of this sport. Here are some advantages that HerzegovinaBike association membership can provide:"

  1. Access to Cycling Routes: Association members often have access to specially marked cycling routes and trails. This may include various difficulty levels and diverse landscapes.
  2. Organized Events: The HerzegovinaBike Association regularly organizes cycling events, bike tours, races, or other forms of gatherings. Members have the opportunity to participate in these events and share experiences with other cycling enthusiasts.
  3. Volunteering at events: By becoming a member of the Association, you directly participate in the organization of events, and through your volunteer activities you can support the organization of events and the development of cycle tourism in Herzegovina.
  4. Education and ConsultingThe association provides educational resources and counseling on cycling. This includes safety tips, bike maintenance information, and even organized workshops.
  5. Cycling Community: Membership in the association enables cyclists to connect with other members, exchange experiences, plan cycling trips, and participate in a community that shares the same passion.
  6. Promotion and Awareness: The HerzegovinaBike Association often promotes its members through social media, websites, or other channels, recommending them for collaboration to potential partners through business plans. This contributes to greater visibility of cyclists, their activities, skill development, and work engagement.
  7. Lobbying for Cycling Infrastructure: Association members can collectively lobby for the improvement of cycling infrastructure at the local, regional, or national level.
  8. Contribution to Cyclotourism: By participating in the association, cyclists contribute to the development of cycle tourism as a sustainable and popular tourist activity.

Joining the HerzegovinaBike association, which aims to develop cycling and cycle tourism, not only provides individual benefits but also contributes to the development of cycling culture and the community on a broader scale.

P.S. Please note that membership in the HerzegovinaBike association is not automatically acquired after filling out the application form and paying the membership fee. After you complete the application, our Board of Directors will carefully review your application form and inform you of the results via the email address you provide in the form. Please understand that this is not an association that organizes cycling gatherings and activities but rather plans content and activities, as well as develops a well-elaborated plan and program of activities contributing to the development of our country as a tourist destination. Therefore, it is crucial that our team consists of quality individuals who can understand the mission and vision of the HerzegovinaBike association and contribute to achieving its statutory goal with their knowledge and experience.
We thank you for your understanding.

Dear our potential members,

If we have intrigued you in our first step towards our joint cooperation in the development of cyclotourism and cycling, and better promotion of our country, please fill out the application form for becoming a member of the Association, which you can access via the LINK indicated below.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss the possibilities and terms of long-term cooperation, which will be in the common interest and benefit of all parties involved. After filling out the application, our Board will carefully review your application form and inform you about the results via the email address you provide in the form.

Kindest regards,
Toni Zoric; president of the HerzegovinaBike Association

To fill out the application form, click on the following link:


  • ĆIRO Trail – Development and promotion of the cycling route from Mostar to Trebinje and further towards Dubrovnik;
  • Ćiro II – Development and promotion of the cycling route from Ravni to Herceg Novi;
  • Ćiro Heritage – Development and promotion of the cycling route from Počitelje to Stolac, which promotes natural and historical sights on this section through the Ćiro trail;
  • Cycling Rural – Development and promotion of the bicycle path network in the West Herzegovina County;
  • Fraciscana cultural route Development and promotion of a cycling and hiking route connecting all monasteries and museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a new cycling tourism product;
  • Bike Friendly Standard In close collaboration with the REDAH Agency, we are developing a program that recognizes and certifies service providers, who, by meeting the criteria, support cycling rides, bicycle travel, and cycling tourism experiences;
  • Educating Cycling Tour Guides Through the projects Ćiro Trail and Cycling Rural, in collaboration with the Cycling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have trained 60 new cycling tour guides.
  • Blidinje BIKE Festival The largest cycling festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, promoting the cycling tourism potentials of the Blidinje Nature Park;
  • Cycling caravan of friendship Mostar – Vukovar; Through cycling, we reconnect and strengthen the friendly bond between the cities of Mostar and Vukovar;
  • I choose YES to cycle safely - Project highlighting the need for the development of cycling paths and urban cycling in the City of Mostar;
  • HerzegovinaBIke Service - We launched the first mobile bike service that provides cyclists with on-the-spot repair services, ensuring carefree enjoyment of cycling in Herzegovina;
  • MTB Liga Hercegovine - The first mountain biking races in Herzegovina were organized with the aim of promoting mountain biking;
  • Hercegovina Classic - Promotion of Herzegovina through the organization of professional road cycling events;
  • Training Camps - We were the first to launch training camps for the National Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, attracting professional teams to Herzegovina during the off-season;
  • and many others…

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