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The municipality of Ravno is located in southern Herzegovina, and it is only 12 km from the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It abuts the Dubrovnik coast and encompasses the fertile Popovo polje, and through it flows the largest sinkhole in the world (96 km), Trebišnjica.

The place is located in a speleological nature park where the underground waters of the Adriatic basin meet. This area is very rich in water, which makes Popovo polje very suitable for agriculture. Thanks to the untouched nature, this place in the hinterland of the Adriatic is very suitable for eco-tourism. The world-famous tourist attraction is the Vjetrenica cave, which provides an unforgettable experience to tourists who can visit it in one of the many excursions.

Vjetrenica Cave

One of the most famous and beautiful caves of the Dinaric Karst. It was mentioned for the first time in the year 77 of the first century in the first world encyclopedia of Pliny the Elder as "a famous nameless cave from which the underground wind blows strongly".

At the very entrance, on the right, there are two medieval reliefs, carved into the flat rock, with depictions of deer hunting and knightly tournaments. The most significant archaeological discoveries are the bones of a cave bear and a leopard. The appearance of a strong "wind" at the entrance is a fascinating characteristic of Vjetrenica, after which it got its name. In 2019, the famous world magazine "Lonely Planet" included ten destinations that should be visited.

The area of the Vjetrenica cave with part of Popova polje was declared a protected landscape "Vjetrenica-Popovo polje" in 2021.

Zavala Monastery

On the slopes of the Ostrog hill in the village of Zavala, just a hundred meters from the Biospeleological Museum, there is an Orthodox monastery, known for the fact that Saint Vasilije Ostroški spent part of his monastic life there.

Ciro Trail

Once the lifeblood of this part of Herzegovina, the narrow-gauge railway that "Ćiro" used from 1903 to 1976, was arranged a few years ago as a bicycle path from Mostar to Dubrovnik. Today it is a valuable tourist resource or "open-air museum".

In several places in Ravno and Zavala, it is possible to rent bicycles and enjoy a ride through Popov polje on the old narrow-gauge railway.

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