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The old town of Trebinje

As with most places in Europe, the best place to start your visit is little Trebinje Old Town. The previously mentioned Old Town owes its appearance to the Ottomans, including the city walls and several mosques. It's a small area by the river, but with its stone houses, pedestrian streets and a big difference from the rest of the city, it's obvious when you're there. Surrounded by stone walls, today it houses a number of cafes and restaurants.

The old town of Trebinje was created because the Turks needed to organize their territories in Herzegovina due to major changes in the wars with the Holy League (1683-1699) - the fall of Herceg Novi and Risno under the rule of the Venetian Republic.

It was built on the right bank of Trebišnjica, above the deepest part of the river - the so-called Ban-vir (whirlpool), named after a legend in which the ban (ruler) drowned in a whirlpool.

The most important person for the development of the Old Town as a fortress is Osman Pasha, the founder of the Resulbegović family. He started construction in 1714, but it was briefly interrupted by the war with Venice. The builders were brought from Dubrovnik, and the workforce was from the surrounding area - Ljubinje, Cernica and Nikšić. The following year, a ditch (canal) was dug around it, which was connected to Trebišnjica. During Osman's reign, the Sultan Ahmed and Osman Pasha Mosques were built, along with the Sahat-kula (Clock Tower), which is still resistant to the many years that have passed.

The old town "Kastel" was initially triangular in shape, but over time it became rounded. Its final form, with all the towers, canals and ramparts, was created in the first four decades of the 18thog century.

In front of the entrance gate (today's tunnel) there was a drawbridge that led across the canal. The canal was later filled and straightened due to the possibility of epidemic disease, according to the advice of Dr. Levi. (1932)

Outside the old town, you'll find numerous squares and parks, usually with locals sitting and watching the world go by. Sometimes you'll come across monuments to events like World War I and World War II, plus a few modest churches. Admittedly, there isn't much in the city center to grab your attention in terms of sightseeing.

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