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Aromatic Cycling Trails


Most of this route passes through the rural parts of western Herzegovina, providing perfect conditions for mountain biking. The Route of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants is a mixture of mountain and road paths that stretch for more than 182 kilometers. Numerous olive, immortelle, and lavender plantations, as well as autochthonous wild medicinal plants are used by local producers to create characteristic products. This route offers several opportunities for staying in nature, cycling and enjoying the Herzegovinian smells and tastes, creating a special and unforgettable experience. From visiting remote villages to mountain passes on this 200-kilometer long route, you will discover the most hidden corners of nature in western Herzegovina.

Aromatic Cycling Trail
Aromatic Cycling Trail


The Aromatic Cycling Trail passes through four municipalities, and we will mention them below in the text:

Municipality of Ljubuški
The untouched original nature of the Trebižat river valley is best experienced by cycling, providing harmony to the mind and spirit, and refreshment to the body by bathing in the river. Romantic paths through the rustic villages of Ljubuški will take you to the Roman camp of Gračina, Kravice and Koćuša waterfalls, all the way to Ljubuški's gem of cultural and historical heritage, the medieval fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, which will give you the opportunity for a spectacular viewpoint. The network of bicycle paths extends through the municipality of Ljubuška in a length of 108.4 km.
City of Široki Brijeg
The administrative, spiritual, cultural and economic center of the West Herzegovina County is also one of the favorite destinations for cyclists in this region. Several trails with a length of 216 km pass through Široki Brijeg. The picturesque, picturesque Herzegovinian villages with traditional architecture, the remains of the ancient town of Mokriskik, the medieval fortress of Borak, the river Lištica, an incredible landscape intertwined with hill and mountain massifs, wild valleys and canyons all the way to the quiet lowland area, delight every visitor again and again, because each new tour is something new. research, new adventure.
Municipality of Posušje
The ideal destination for all lovers of mountain biking is precisely our Municipality of Posušje, through which several cycling paths branch out in a length of 157.4 km. Sports or recreational cycling enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy the mosaic of picturesque cultural and historical remains of Ričina, Graca, Podbila and the fascinating landscape of the Blidinje Nature Park. As stunning as a forest oasis, the Blidinj lake as a natural stage below Čvrsnica offers a perfect harmony between man and nature. Welcome!
Municipality of Grude
According to the latest census, the smallest municipality in West Herzegovina County has 16,208 inhabitants on 220.8 km2. The mild Mediterranean climate, along with the natural jewels of Lake Krenica and the source of the Tihaljina River, offer tourists the opportunity to get to know this region. Adventure park Peć mlini with Ravlića cave, mills, promenades, cultural and historical complex in Gorica are only part of the diverse tourist offer offered by the Municipality of Grude.
The cycling routes through our Municipality extend for a length of 122.1 km, as circular routes for day trips full of sensational variety of landscapes as well as rich cultural and historical heritage. The archaeological collection in Gorica, Lake Krenica, the adventure park Peć Mlini by the source of the river Tihaljina and the archaeological site Ravlića Pečina represent our biggest tourist attractions for adventurers, as well as an opportunity for a perfect family trip.

Tour Details


The excursion begins in Ljubuški with a visit Kravice waterfall, which is a natural phenomenon under state protection as a natural rarity. After enjoying the beauty of the Kravica raft, we continue our journey through the rural parts of Herzegovina through local villages in order to discover the rural tourism of Herzegovina and the life of the local population. Before entering the town of Široki Brijeg, a visit to the museum and the Franciscan monastery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is unavoidable.
After visiting the monastery, the easier part of the trip follows - a descent to the town of Široki Brijeg, and refreshments at the Vrelo Borak restaurant, where you can taste local specialties and local cuisine. A real refreshment before the difficult part of the road, i.e. the macadam section and the ascent towards Crnč and further towards the municipality of Posušje, i.e. the destination Nature park Blidinje. This section is gravel with a lot of climbs, but the entire route is really beautiful and will simply enchant you, so you won't think about the difficulty of the trip.
Entering the Blidinje Nature Park will literally take your breath away with its beauty, and it is located in the area of the high mountains of the central Dinarides, and includes the area of the Čvrsnica and Vran mountain massifs. The Blidinje Nature Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it covers an area of 358 km 2 at the foot of the Čvrsnica and Vrana mountains. Due to its unique geomorphological features, rich flora and fauna, and beautiful untouched nature, it is the perfect place to escape from the stress of everyday life.
At the end of the visit to the Blidinje nature park, we descend to the village of Rakitno and further towards the reservoir lake Tribistovo, which is replenished from 220 occasional and 80 permanent water sources. We continue our journey through the beautiful Brina canyon to Stećak na Ričina, which are located in Posušje. From Posušje, we travel to Gorica and Drinovce, visiting Krenica and Nuga lakes, as well as Peć Mlini and Ravlića cave, and further along the Trebižat river towards Ljubuško, visiting the Koćuša waterfall and the Franciscan monastery on Humac, all the way to the starting location of the Kravice Waterfall, where our journey started.

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What to Expect


The Aromatic Cycling trail, in its length of 200 km, takes us over asphalted and macadam sections, where you drive to the Blidinje Nature Park on a macadam part of the trail that has a lot of climbs, but is very well paved and does not pose a problem for driving. As part of this section is driven through uninhabited areas, we recommend that you stock up on sufficient amounts of water in local villages and towns. We always believe that on longer rides it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tool for patching inner tires, so the rule also applies to this section. We definitely recommend that you inform your family or friends about your cycling plans before going for a ride.
Helmet mandatory!


Mapa/Karta Aromatic Cycling Trail


Aromatic Cycling trail is a cycling trail that was developed and implemented within the framework of the Cycling Rural project - Cycling routes for the improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro. The project "Cycling routes for the improvement of the natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro" is carried out within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro, which is financed by the European Union. The project officially started on October 1, 2019, and its implementation will last 18 months. The total value of the project is EUR 495,000.00, of which the European Union finances EUR 400,000.00. The partners in the project are the West Herzegovina County Government Office for European Integration as the project holder, the City of Široki Brijeg, the City of Ljubuški, the Municipality of Posušje, the Municipality of Grude and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi. The European Union finances this project with the aim of strengthening and diversifying the quality of the tourist offer, as well as the development of outdoor cycling and tourist offers in the rural areas of the cross-border regions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will result in the creation of a new and attractive offer under the "Cycling Rrural" brand, which will become part of the overall tourist offer of both countries, as well as the tourist offer of the Adriatic hinterland.

  • DESTINATIONS (What To Visit):
  • Vodopad Kravice
  • Franjevački samostan na Humcu
  • Koćuša waterfall
  • Ravlića pećina
  • Peć Mlini
  • Jezera Krenica i Nuga
  • Stara crkva u Gorici
  • Stećci na Ričini
  • Jezero Tribistovo
  • Blidinjsko jezero
  • Hajdučka vrata
  • Masna luka
  • Stećci na Blidinju
  • Diva Grabovčeva
  • Vrelo Lištice u Borku
  • Muzej i Franjevački samostan u Širokom Brijegu
  • GASTRO OFFER (Where To Eat):
  • Hotel Bigeste
  • Restoran Staza
  • Restoran Hajdučke Vrleti
  • Restoran Bosiljna
  • Restoran Vrelo Borak
  • BED (Where To Slep):
  • Hotel Bigeste
  • Restoran Staza
  • Restoran Hajdučke Vrleti
  • Restoran Bosiljna


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