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More than a hundred cyclists at the Ćiro bicycle race from Hutov to Ravno

The "Herzegovina Bike" association, in cooperation with the municipality of Ravno, organized today the third bicycle race along the Ćira railway, and the beautiful weather attracted many cyclists, who had a great time, promoted the cycling tourism potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and helped their health and the health of the environment by cycling. . It is important to say that this bike ride was held in memory of the deceased Nikša Vuletić.

The secondary school in Hutovo was once again the gathering center for cyclists who were getting ready to go cycling, according to some on the most beautiful section of Ćiro's track, a section that still exudes the spirit of the past when Ćiro was racing and roaring by Popovo polje. The Hutovska school used to have 800 students, but today, after 91 years of existence, it is closed and only like this, when the cyclists gather in front of it, the murmur of children preparing for the bike ride can be heard again.

Today, more than a hundred cyclists cycled along the section from Hutovo to the municipality of Ravno, enjoying the good weather, good company and the beautiful landscapes that this section offers. The path that leads through the beautiful landscapes of Hutovo and Ravno was filled with diverse challenges and refreshing scenes of nature. The winding roads of the former Ćira lined up, following the Trebišnjica river and Popovo polje, and there was no shortage of old Ćiro stations that we met along the way, and we took breaks at the new rest areas that the municipality of Ravno had arranged so that cycle tourists cycling along the Ćiro railway could rest and to enjoy the view of Popovo polje and the calm that this area offers.

I am happy that we once again managed to realize the Ćiro bicycle race, and to attract a very large number of participants from the countries of the region. There were people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from neighboring Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. Once again, we promoted our cycle tourism offer, good trails, gastronomy, and the natural and cultural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have shown that we are ready for the tourist season, for an active form of tourism that is one of the fastest growing tourism branches, and that our guests have something to see and can spend several days in Bosnia and Herzegovina cycling and getting to know our country.", said Toni Zorić, president of the association Herzegovina Bike.

After that, the trail leads us to Ravno Station, where we had the opportunity to refresh ourselves with a delicious lunch prepared with love. Namely, the municipality of Ravno once again proved to be a good host, and all the cyclists had an organized meal, in order to refresh themselves before further cycling and visiting the Windmill Cave. Among the most notable moments was a visit to the Windmill Cave, where the cyclists stopped to explore this natural wonder. The feeling of the wonder of the environment and history provided by the cave spaces was incredible. It is important to say that today all participants had the opportunity to visit the Vjetrenica Cave for free and, with a tourist guide, get to know the beauty of the largest and most famous cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a protected natural monument and a tourist destination in the southeastern part of Herzegovina.

This is my third Ćiro bicycle race and the first year that I have participated in these events, and I am simply delighted with both the organization and the Ćiro bike path. We are simply not aware of what we have and what potentials we possess, and I was lucky enough to get to know my country this year while cycling. I will definitely take part in the other Ćiro cycling events as well, because this is something excellent, the atmosphere is great and we all enjoy it", comented Monika Zadro.

The most significant feature of the bike ride was not just the ride or the spectacular landscapes we passed through. What truly marked this event was the incredible sense of community and solidarity that filled the atmosphere. We have gathered to, above all, pay tribute Nikša Vuletić who was was the heart and soul of the event, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and connection within the cycling community. The least we can do is pick up where he left off.

The Ciro Trail event is realized with the financial support of: General Patron –: HT Eronet; Patrons: Općina Ravno, Turističke Zajednice HNŽ/K and Cave Vjetrenica; Sponsors: Continental Tires, Škoda Apolo, agencija REDAH and Capriolo SC Mostar, and in order to promote "South Herzegovina and the Ćiro Narrow Gauge Railway".






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