Bike Park Velež

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BIKE PARK VELEŽ consists of 200km of forest and gravel roads which have been mapped and marked on the Velež mountain, and which are primarily intended for mountain biking but also for other recreational purposes.

The mountain biking association MTBA, Mostar

____ Easy Bike Route        ____Intermediate Bike Route      ____Advanced Bike Route 


At five main “entrance” points, info panels have been placed showing the map of the entire area as well as other useful information. Info points are placed at the following locations:

1.    Mostar (in front of railroad station)
2.    Blagaj (in front of Eco center)
3.    Rujište ski resort (in front of Sniježna kuća motel)
4.    Podveležje (in front of motel Sunce)
5.    Dračevice (in front of Culture centre)

Smaller maps have also been prepared and they can be obtained at the info centers of touristic board, biking clubs and tourist facilities in the area.

Use only marked trails with the help of the small maps or GPS units.

Use the trails at your own risk and act responsibly in order not to endanger your own safety and the safety of others.


Download KMZ

Download MTB Prenj & Velež map