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City of Ljubuški

City of Ljubuški

Ljubuški is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town is located on the left side of the bank of Trebižat, a river on which there are numerous waterfalls, the most famous of which are Kravica and Koćuša.

In addition to its natural beauty, Ljubuški is also known for its great cultural and historical heritage.

In various localities, remains from almost every period of human history can be found, of which it is worth highlighting: the ancient Roman camp in Gračina, the Humačka plate, the Old City of Ljubuški, and stećaks in the necropolises in Studenci, Bijača and Zvirići.

On the sports level, the successes of the handball club HRK Izviđač are first of all notable.


The climate is moderate Mediterranean with 2,300 hours of sunshine a year.


Ljubuški is located in the very west of Herzegovina along the border of the Republic of Croatia. Neighboring municipalities are Čitluk to the east and Grude to the west, the towns of Široki Brijeg to the north and Čapljina to the south, and Metković and Vrgorac to the west on the Croatian side. The city of Ljubuški is located on important roads to Mostar (36 km), Makarska (55 km), Split (120 km), Dubrovnik (130 km) and Sarajevo (170 km).

In the past, Ljubuški was also the administrative center of western Herzegovina, but it lost that status when new county borders were drawn in the mid-1990s. Within today's West Herzegovina County, Ljubuški is located at its southern end, while Široki Brijeg took over the role of the center.

The city area covers an area of 292.7 km²,[1] and the city area extends from the top of Buturovice to Ljubuško polje towards Trebižat.

Inhabited places

The city of Ljubuški consists of the following settlements:

Bijača, Cerno, Crnopod, Crveni Grm, Dole, Grab, Grabovnik, Gradska, Greda, Grljevići, Hardomilje, Hrašljani, Humac, Kašće, Klobuk, Lipno, Lisice, Ljubuški, Miletina, Mostarska Vrata, Orahovlje, Otok, Pregrađe, Proboj, Prolog, Radišići, Stubica, Studenci, Šipovača, Teskera, Vašarovići, Veljaci, Vitina, Vojnići i Zvirići.

Landscape and nature

In addition to the famous Karst relief of Herzegovina, Ljubuški has several fertile fields. The most famous are Ljubuško, Veljaško, Vitinsko, Rastok and Beriš, which is washed by the river Trebižat. Of the many tributaries, which make the Ljubuška area the richest in water in all of Herzegovina, it is worth mentioning the Vrioštica, which springs up in Vitina, and the Studenčica, which springs up in Studenci and waters the Studenačko polje.

In the city, there are about 10,000 ha of pasture and about 16,000 ha of forest, mainly deciduous trees: oak, hornbeam, ash, chub, dogwood and karst bushes. The highest mountain peak in the area of the city is the 959-meter-high Vrlosinj, from which you can see the Adriatic Sea.

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