by Toni Zorić

Five Rivers is a modern and functionally arranged accommodation facility with 5 units, and it has the status of Eco facilities. Beside the high quality construction and materials, each unit contains the quality equipment needed for a pleasant stay. Each accommodation unit has a bathroom with a shower. This accommodation is distinguished from the others because the inner yard and the terrace are surrounded by apartments, which gives the guests a real feeling of intimacy in the heart of Mostar.

The facility respects top ecological standards, and besides other technical equipment, the Nobel drinking water filtration system is installed in the kitchen. The filter eliminates all the impurities that can be found in water from the water supply: rock, chlorine, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. Guests have at their disposal clean water with three desired water temperatures at any time, so they do not need to buy water while staying in Mostar. During the visit guests can use clean water unlimited, and while they visit city they can take their filtrated bottle water with themselves.

The facility meets the BIKE FRIENDLY standard.

FIVE RIVERS business model prefers to rent a complete facility.

  • Capacity 13 +2 persons.
  • One night EUR 300, for cyclists EUR 270
  • Second night FREE,
  • Each subsequent 200 EUR
  • Cleaning EUR 60.
  • Individual rent 60 EUR per unit.
  • Cleaning EUR 10.
  • It does not have its own parking lot and does not offer breakfast.


📞 +387 63 636 988
📞 +387 63 048 816
🌐 https://rivers-mostar.com/

The facility has a Bike Friendly Standard license (link)